Serenity RPG

Week 58 - Wreckage
Hammer out a few dings, slap a fresh coat of paint on there, it'll be good as new!

Slowly plodding through the black, connected to the Calypso through docking links and umbilicals while both crews worked to fix up the Hephaestus. The obvious first priority was bringing the engines back online as they powered everything else. The corvette ramming the Hephaestus destroyed the central drive and damaged the other two, so there was a great deal of danger in bringing anything back online. Zeke brought up Kurt to help and the teen guided them through gently coaxing the fusion plant back online, bringing life support and internal systems power back online as well.

Week 57 - Ambush!
Reavers, Mr Rico! Zillions of'em!

A couple of days into their stay on Haven, Ivy asked if it would be OK if she hatted up because of the Reaver noise. They didn’t seem to be close, but they didn’t need to be. She put on her hat and the crew finished loading up their ore. They said their goodbyes and both ships lifted into the black. The pair of ships were roughly half a day out of Haven when Conner called over and said Reavers were inbound, hot and fast. After a brief discussion, they decided to split up. The Capt told Conner to head on towards the core while the Hephaestus would turn and head back to Haven and see if they could get help. Conner did not like the plan, but told her he’d do it and she broke comms, opening a channel to Haven to send a distress call.

Week 56 - Rocks
Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. But it also ROCKS absolutely!

After a brisk evening of stunner tag, the two crews returned to their ships while the Capt and Conner went walking off into the Blackwood evening, spending some quiet time getting to know each other. The following morning, both crews awoke to depart the planet, with the Calypso heading to Haven while the Hephaestus heading to find the Ciw picket that Ivy had detected, promising to meet up on Haven when all was said and done.

Week 55 - Zeal
Come and see the gun that ended the war!

On Blackwood, the Capt, with Gale, Hyacinth, Grace and Trevor in tow, headed across the “tarmac” (a gravel field in a pasture) to the “control center” (a converted barn), and noticed along the way a number of small Alliance vessels on the ground, Alliance officers wandering around, and a few Alliance outbuildings that were not here the last time she visited. Mikki hitched up her duffel bag and went to find her parents, Hart headed into town, and Carl and Ivy hopped onto a mule, headed out to the edge of town, and Carl gave Ivy lessons in driving, out in an area where there was very few things to crash into.

Week 54 - Surreptitiously
I've seen the others sneak. How hard could it be?

Early the next St Albans morning, the doorbell rang. Gale wandered down to answer it, the rest of the crew being asleep, and found a dapper young scoundrel holding white lilies. He asked to see the Capt, but Gale told him she was asleep and to come back later. At the same time, Valis awoke the Capt, informing her of what was happening. The gentleman gave the flowers to Gale, along with a card holding a mailbox address and asked him to give them to the Capt and let him know when she was available as he wanted to take her out to dinner. He then turned on his heel and headed into town. Gale “snuck” after him, and the Capt casually stepped out after Gale to see where the parade was leading.

Week 53 - Business
Suddenly Shylock!

Following the trail of the pirates through space, they reached the end of the middle trail and found it to be a dead end, with the debris of a cry baby at the end, so they turned around to the fork and chose another path. Traveling down this new trail, Ivy sensed several fast-moving vessels inbound just before the sensors picked them up. They ordered the Hephaestus to stand-to and be prepared to be boarded, locking weapons on the ship the moment they got in range. Shortly after, a Corvette identified itself as the CiW Excalibur and that the Hephaestus was to be bound by law for piracy.

Week 52 - Booby Trap
I don't understand, the crazy SoB just keeps coming!

On Persephone, with Carl and Mikki out doing Trainwreck fun and Hart at the Southtown Abbey, the rest of the crew stayed close to the ship. Ivy moved through the motions of doing her normal chores mechanically, significantly more subdued than normal and with no enthusiasm. The Capt tried talking to her but she seemed irritable and rebellious.

Week 51 - Reunions
I can't believe I missed another birthday.

Still on Beylix, the Hephaestus with holes in her and cables pouring out of her, the engineers worked on building out the jammers and installing the new sensors and comms. The Capt spent her time with Simmons, helping him clean up his business while reports rolled in that the war was over, making sure Simmons Salvage was stable and involved in the local government as it settled out after the war.

Week 50 - Interrogation
Monsters are as Monsters do.

The crew decided to head back into CiW space, depressed at the loss of both Ivy and Mitchell, for different reasons obviouusly. As the CiW fleet pulled out for Salisbury and the Hephaestus turned towards the Core, the ship was hailed by a CiW cruiser that was further coreward (tight beam from that direction). Trevor answered the hail and it was a CiW Lt Cmdr named Dennis who asked to speak to the Capt of the Hephaestus. The Capt answered and Lt Cmdr Dennis explained that Mitchell would like to speak to her and agreed to set up a conference, as long as the Capt agreed to the conditions. The crew could have anyone present they wished, the questions would be asked one at a time, quid pro quo, and the first one to lie would be the end of the conference. The Capt agreed and the conference was set up for later that day.

Week 49 - Rescue?
What do you mean Mitchell escaped again?!

Hiding on Salisbury in Carl’s Mom’s house, the plan to take out Mitchell became even more complicated by the required rescue of Carl’s Mom as well as Hart, Mikki, and Ivy, all of whom had all been captured by Blue Sun as well as finding out the ship was booby trapped. Carl acquired horses and the crew rode out to the ship to remove the traps and get it ready. Trevor carefully removed the traps (there were many) while Vermin attempted to undo the sabotage the Blue Sun Operatives had done, managing to jury-rig a compression coil replacement that would survive the getaway.


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