Serenity RPG

Week 68 - Lasers
Of course they're doing evil things in there, why do you think they have a fence?

On the crew’s second evening on Verbeena, the Capt decided to add some culture to the crew and they all (including Conner, Al, and Kurt) head out to a symphony, and to a fancy dinner afterwards, and miraculously no one is shot and no furniture is broken. When the crew returns to the ship, Mikki and Kurt become engrossed in a conversation about Trainwreck (Kurt did not know that Mikki was indeed “Reaver Chick!”), so Mikki takes him back to engineering to show off her collection of music and memorabilia.

Week 67 - Arrested
No, we are not nuking the battleship while we are still inside it!

Surrounded by CiW warships, the Capt locked in a cabin on one of the corvettes, the Hephaestus was escorted to Beaumonde. As they got closer, they were joined by a wing of fighters and guided to the battleship ANS Intimidator, the flagship of Admiral Barris, commander of the Rim fleet. The Hephaestus was tractored into massive hanger and land locked into place. The Capt was escorted off the Crazy Horse by shuttle to the Intimidator while 4 marines came aboard the Hephaestus, 2 at the airlock and 2 at the bridge.

Week 66 - Bugs
What if they don't show up on IR at all?

In the deepest black, in the guts of an ancient space hulk, the crew debarked their shuttle and began walking deeper into the tunnels, following a pale blue light. When they reached the end of the “pipe”, they found themselves on a ledge above a huge cavern that extended as far as the eye could see. Roughly 5m below them was a “field” of blue light, covering a floor of mist.

Week 65 - Hulk
Oh look, a giant, black, ancient space wreck. Let's explore it! What's the worst that can happen?

The crew met regularly with Commodore (formerly Capt) Rainier to help with the cleanup effort. In return, he arranged for their medical supplies to be returned to them and the following day it was all loaded into the ship. The Capt gave her farewells to Meridian and they lifted off for Haven with a pair of Alliance corvettes for an escort.

Week 64 - Assassination
Boom! Headsh...oh, my bad.

After a day of hiding, early the following morning, Ducani showed back up with multiple passenger vans. The crew (sans the Capt, Gale, and Mikki, who were still on the ship) loaded up into the vans (carefully, as many of the Companions were still in serious condition) and headed out to Ducani’s ranch well outside of town, where they were deposited in bunk houses with much better facilities and Hart and Clair could take better care of them. Ivy sent a very obscure message to her mom, explaining that they’d moved.

Week 63 - Hiding
Why does everything Carl does, including hiding, involve grenades?

Sitting in a warehouse in the older part of Meridian, Hart and Clair tended to the wounded, the 2 Alliance enlisted slept off the night’s activities, and an Alliance Col politely sat with the crew while they listened to the radio and police bands to see what was happening in town when a knock occurred at the door. Cautiously Gale and the Capt headed to the door and opened it, with Hy, Carl, and Trevor in the shadows, covering them. At the door was the well-suited Merrel Ducani, Syndicate leader for the planet Meridian and the Frontier, looking annoyed. He explained that he suspected it was the crew causing such a ruckus and wanted to let them know that the cops were doing building-to-building searches in the area and that they needed to be more discrete. They thanked him and he left.

Week 62 - Exodus
Daring rescues are our business

On Meridian, in the heart of Jeremiah Sage’s “congregation”, the crew slunk about town, doing reconnaissance and gathering information. Carl and Hy slipped from the group to carouse a bit and talk to the locals while the rest headed back to the ship, then they gathered back at the ship to discuss what they knew.

week 61 - Old Time Religion
We're doing good works out here

Aboard the Taipei, the crew enjoyed the hospitality of Adm Monroe and the CiW. Ivy and Gale spent their days in Marine country, Gale enjoyed the taverns and clubs in the civilian sector (finding more than his share of “grilled cheese”), and Grace got a chance to shuttle over and tour the Eyeshine, which was attached to Monroe’s battle group. Happy to do so, she got to explore the experimental ship and hear all of the tales of woe about how inefficient and clumsy it was by the engineers themselves.

Week 60 - Ambush!
This is the cleanest squad car I've ever been in

Carl ran to the ship, stunner in hand, calling the Capt to let her know there was something wrong on the ship. The Capt and crew began hurrying back while Grace called ahead, trying to get ahold of Mikki, who remained asleep. Valis answered and explained that there were 3 men moving about the cargo bay, having stunned Briand and seemed to be looking for something. Grace called Hart and had him sneak down the back way to engineering and guided him through pulling cables, killing the power to the rest of the ship. She then called the cops, explaining that someone was hijacking their ship.

Week 59 - Old Acquaintance
Why do we even bother going to the Core?

On the way to Persephone, the Capt received a reply to the note she’d sent to Adm Monroe. He indicated he had been busy “securing the peace” and had no information on the operations in the Frontier but would look into them. She also received a cryptic note from Conner that he was sorry he had to bolt, but “they” want “him” bad and he can’t allow “them” to get “him”. He indicated he’d catch up with her later.


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