Serenity RPG

Week 74 - Reunions

Yes, I can kill people with my mind. Why do you ask?

Later that evening, the Capt headed over to the Calypso seeking Conner. She found him in engineering, helping Zeke and Jose with maintenance, which was what he did when he was unhappy. Seeing her show up, Zeke and Jose suddenly found other places to be, and Conner stood there facing her like a man bracing to be struck. She explained that the Adm had proposed to her and that she did not say yes. Conner released the breath he did not know he was holding and asked her what she was going to do. She explained that being an Adm’s wife was not something she ever envisioned for herself. Conner in turn told her that, until things were sorted out with Kurt, he would be on the run and not fit to give her the life she deserved, and he would not blame her for accepting the offer. She took his hand, led him to his cabin, and showed him how silly she thought he was.

The rest of the crews caroused about the planet while the supplies were unloaded. Two days later, both ships lifted off for Kerry to pick up the terraforming supplies. En route, Abi found that there was an electron microscope on Athens so while they traveled the Capt reserved time on it in a few days in order for Abi to use it to analyze the plastic and metals.

In orbit of Kerry, the Capt hailed the customer, TI Planetbuilders, and was told where to land. Both ships touched down on the corporate loading pads outside of town and were met with the company’s stevedores. They supervised every aspect of the loading, carefully packing while Gale and Mikki supervised. They discouraged touching/examining the crates by the crew, explaining that the supplies were very delicate machinery, the latest state-of-the-art in terraforming. Kasey Hill introduced himself as the corporate liaison and offered to provide a shuttle bus to anyone who wished to go into town for the two day loading process. Abi, Al, Trevor, Zeke, Hart, and Grace all headed into town on their various pursuits while the rest remained to supervise the loading.

Ivy pointed out that two of the people loading the cargo were wearing “hats”, so Hy and Carl remained alert, keeping track of who was going where and when inside the ship. Hy tried to peek in the crates but there always seemed to be someone there to shoo him away from them. In town, Trevor camped out inside an electronics super store and robbed it blind, stashing the goods in easily moveable locations that he could carry out the following morning. After bypassing the security systems, he managed to make off with several thousand dollars of small electronic components and consumer electronics. He caught a ride with the shuttle the following morning and headed back to the ship with his haul.

Carl wandered into the shadier parts of town, trying to find black market weapons. The law level being what it was, it was hard to find anyone in the trade but he eventually found a specialty shop that was selling what he was looking for…giant revolvers. The pistols each held 4 .50 caliber long rifle rounds and fully loaded weighed 8 pounds. Firing them made a massive noise and, if held one handed, broke bones and dislocated shoulders. They were made as a novelty and the guy picked them up for a song. Carl bought both of them, and the ammo, and brought them back to the ship, happy with his new acquisition.

In engineering, Brian and Abi were conferring about various “futuristic” technologies when Brian brought up the idea of building a robot. Valis chimed in that she had all the schematics they would need and proceeded to educate them on how to build a fully functional humanoid robot. The two dove into the project with gusto. Afternoon of the second day, the loading was complete in both ships and Kasey wished them well.

Both ships lifted off, outbound for the 2 day journey to Meadow. A few hours later, Valis contacted the Capt that the guests in the lounge would like to see her. Confused, since they took on no guests, the Capt and Gale headed that way but were nearly run over by Ivy sprinting that direction. They arrived to find Ivy tackle-hugging a very healthy and beautiful-looking Odette while a rather severe-looking young man stood unobtrusively to the side. Odette hugged her mother and Gale happily and introduced her friend as Simon Keller. She explained they were hiding in the containers and snuck in through engineering, managing to avoid the cameras during the loading, making sure no one knew that they were here.

She went on to explain that she had needed to flee the Exuperians because of what they wanted her to do. Blue Sun had stepped up their active development and war was coming. The Exuperians were being taught how to hurt with their abilities, how to fight effectively, and no one was immune, everyone needed to be able to defend themselves. After her first lesson in how to use her powers offensively, she grew ill and realized she could never do it. She decided she wanted to leave. Simon had attached himself to her and escaped with her to ensure her safety. It was not until after they’d escaped that he revealed himself as one of Orchid’s and that, if she wanted a place to hide, he could give her one. Orchid, keeping her promise to the Capt that she’d do all she could to keep Odette safe, had put Simon (aka Lily) on Odette to guard her and ensure she was protected.

The crew gathered to meet everyone and Simon looked increasingly uncomfortable as more people crowded in, despite Odette’s reassurances that this was her family. Through the course of the conversation, they discovered he was a mover, a telekinetic, and a relatively strong one. Abi came in with some of the trinkets and he asked to see one. When he touched it, it changed shape. He kneaded it, shaping it randomly with minimal effort while the engineers stared at him in disbelief. He explained that he could “hear” it and that it responded to his energies, like he could “see” the shape in his mind and it would follow by changing.

The pair brought sleeping gear with them and curled up in one of the lounge cabins, obviously comfortable in each other’s company. They shared meals with the crew and caught up on current events. When the Capt indicated they were stopping on Athens, Odette and Simon both vehemently said they could not go anywhere near Athens. Planning a solution around that, the Capt called Conner and invited him over. He happily greeted Odette, who greeted him in return with sly smiles at her mother. Conner easily agreed to let Odette and Simon travel on his ship, but expressed some concerns about landing on Meadow, his ship being a delicate princess and all. The Capt laughed, then remembered Kurt and discussed with Conner and Odette about treating Kurt’s problems. Odette agreed and Conner called to have Kurt shuttled over.



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