Serenity RPG

Week 73 - Proposal

Lyrette Coffey-Monroe, has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

On the last day of the repairs, Hyacinth received a note from Orchid, asking him to ask the Capt if she would do a run for her. The trip was to pick up terraforming gear on Kerry and deliver it to Meadow, a word that had been being terraformed for a long time but was having environmental issues. The run was profitable and they needed the cash, but that left them traveling empty to the border so the Capt hunted down another job, finding a delivery of education kiosks from St Albans to Whitefall to supplement the burgeoning school system on that new colony.

The crew loaded up, with Clair deciding to stay and Abi and Brian traveling along (Gale having hired Abi to make her an official member of the crew) and headed off on the 1 day journey to St Albans. They arrived without issue, contacted the customer from orbit and were giving landing instructions. On planet, they were met by Administrator Alexa, a severe-looking older woman that brooked no shenanigans and made absolute sure the Capt understood the value and importance of the materials they were shipping. Once that was taken care of, Gale supervised the loading of the materials while the crew caroused in town. While on planet, Hart approached Abi to immunize her and she panicked and fled, running around and screaming about killing herself, to the point where Ivy had to stun her. Hart immunized her and put her back in her cabin to let her sleep it off.

After the 2 days it took to load everything up, the crew lifted off and began the 9 day journey to Kerry, with the Calypso following close behind and Conner shuttling back and forth to spend time with the Capt. The only excitement on the journey was Abi rummaging around in the kitchen, much to Hart’s chagrin, him asking her to stop, her refusing, and the resulting altercation that ended with Abi stunned (again) by Ivy and deposited back in her room. They (Hart and Abi) eventually agreed upon a way for her to get/test her food without disrupting his kitchen.

As the ship hit the system border, it was hailed by the Georgia picket, a pair of corvettes who quickly identified the Hephaestus and “insisted” that they follow them to Athens, where a tender is sent to pick up the Capt. Conner and the Calypso quietly continued on to Whitehall while the Capt, along with Ivy, Gale, Grace, Carl, Hy, and Trevor all debarked to the battleship Endeavour, where they were greeted as honored guests and escorted to a large meeting room and served refreshments. Adm Monroe joined them after a few moments, greeting the Capt and Ivy warmly. He expressed an interest in having a private moment with the Capt, Ivy blushed and said everyone should leave, failing to hide her smile. All but Gale stood and left, heading back to the ship, and Gale asked the purser if there was a room (near where the Capt will be staying) that he could park himself. The purser escorted Gale there, leaving the Capt alone with the Adm.

Adm Monroe then dropped to one knee and proposed to the Capt, offering her the entire ’Verse if she would but marry him. She quietly protested and he capitulated to every reason she provided, to the point of agreeing to give up his commission and flying around with her ferrying cargo if that was what she desired. He promised to take care of Ivy and Odette as if they were his own and to worship her for the rest of their days. Overwhelmed, the Capt did not turn him down, but told him she needed to think about it and would get back to him. Crushed, he watched her leave. She collected Gale and caught up with the ship, bound for Whitehall.

On Whitefall, both ships landed and began unloading their cargo. The Capt remained aboard the ship and Conner on his, giving her as much room as she needed. Grace and Carl went into town on their own pursuits, as did Mikki and Ivy. Hart tossed a duffel bag over his shoulder and headed out as well. Al came calling for Abi, asking if she’d like to go out on the town. She happily agreed and the two of them explored the small moon’s entertainments.



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