Serenity RPG

Week 3 - Our friend, Maximillian

We didn't steal it, we found it!

Capt Lindsey Buckingham (Lyrette’s new and recently hardened ID) made the call to at least investigate the Reaver treasure, given that she’d taken a bullet to learn about. Two cry babies and some white-knuckled piloting later, the Lucky Break bumped up against the cargo ship and the crew started flinging random goods into the hold.

Henry (the former Reaver) did well enough calling out to the Reaver patrols, though he appeared to be having issues keeping it together. The scouts, not used to ships randomly docking with that cargo ship, came in to investigate, cutting the time a bit short, and a number of unskilled zero-g mishaps reduced the amount of loot the crew was able to salvage, but a small fortune was scattered about the cargo bay when it finally became time to bolt.

The turbo boosters on the old Da Xiang allowed the ship to stay ahead of the pursuing Reaver Scout, but running at full burn for a long period of time took its toll and the old engines started overheating. Just as it looked like the Scout was going to overrun the Lucky Break, long range sensors picked up the damage alliance cruiser, IAS Endeavour, making its way this direction in response to the distress calls sent out by the cry babies.

Captain Buckingham, in a performance worthy of winning a ‘vid award, pleaded with the cruiser to save them from the disaster that had befallen them, explaining that they were just being good Samaritans, responding to a distress call, when these Reavers jumped them. The Endeavour altered course to intercept and the Break veered at the Cruiser Commander’s direction.

Two escorts were dispatched to protect the Break while the remaining flights were sent to deal with the Reaver scout. The Break’s stronger sensors picked up another ship, a Reaver cruiser, moving in to intercept from the opposite side before the Escorts could see it, and Captain Buckingham notified them of the incoming threat. One escort broke off to investigate while the other, piloted by one Lt Commander Thompson, ordered the Break to alter course to avoid this new threat.

The Lucky Break changed course again, with its single escort, while the other escort met its match at the hands of the Reaver cruiser, which then turned to finish off the Alliance cruiser, a much more lucrative target than the Break. The remaining escort bid the Break farewell and good luck and returned to its ship to help fend off the Reavers and the Lucky Break continued off into the black, not hearing the screams of the Alliance officers dying at the hands of their attackers.

  • GM’s Note:* The comms with the Lucky Break were recorded on the Endeavour, any investigation of the wreckage, should the comms box be found, will show this, along with any recordings made of Lindsey. Granted, it’s not terribly likely anyone will find this, but it’s out there, perhaps sitting in a cargo ship orbiting a Reaver moon…

The rest of the journey to Rambha was uneventful. The Break needed quite a bit of nursing to make it that far, but Mikki kept her in the sky. Loot was sorted, money was counted, art was appraised, and supply lists were pulled together. During the appraising, Shylock discovered a “plastic/metallic” item similar to the ones he collects, and when he was putting it away, the Capt showed a small disc she wears about her neck that had similar traits. They compared notes and the two items do seem to be made of a similar material, neither metal nor plastic, though the Capt’s seems to be warm to the touch at all times.

When the ship settled into its cradle and the crew debarked, they were met by a pair of uniformed and armed gentlemen, who politely welcomed them to Rambha and told them their benefactor was en route. Shortly afterwards, Maximillian Alexander arrived with another uniformed and armed individual and a flatbed mule and glad-handed the crew. His men went aboard, claimed the crates, and took them away without comment, while Mr Alexander invited the entire crew to spend the evening at his villa as he departed.

Lindsey, Gale, Shylock and Mikki made their way to the villa, taking note of the uniformed men throughout the city, all well armed and clothed similarly to Mr Alexander’s “guards”. With a little investigation, it was possible for the Capt and Shylock to determine that the entire planet is owned by Alexander’s corporation. He is the mayor, the governor, and the magistrate, and his security forces provide law and order on the planet. In their travels through the city, they notice a small Guild office, an Abbey of the Shepherds, and an Alliance outpost, all things common on much larger colonies and any two of them would be extremely rare on a colony of less than four million people, much less all three on a colony of less than a million.

Additionally, for a “backwater” colony, the infrastructure is very well maintained. All of the security forces are well armed (Alliance-level weapons), every building has electricity and water, and the roads are in excellent shape. To those with eyes from the Rim, this is not a “border” town. For those with any business acumen, the entire place screams “Core World” money, but the public ‘tex balance sheets show a world that’s “getting by”, which means there’s money coming from somewhere that’s not on the books.

Those with business acumen will know that any “rich” planet is an Alliance planet, but Rambha is obviously not officially Alliance run, with a token base and no fleet presence in the system. And the average citizenry appears to be the same as any other border planet, albeit a bit better taken care of (there’s a fully functional and well equipped hospital, again a rarity). It’s the subtle things, little infrastructure stuff that Core worlds take for granted but border worlds never have that indicate something is not quite Héfa( (on the up and up).

Arriving at the villa, Mikki instantly became subdued and uncomfortable, shrinking smaller and smaller into herself the longer the group stays. Mr Alexander is courteous and sociable, if not overly subtle in his overtures to Capt Buckingham. The meal was excellent by restaurant standards, though not as good as the Break’s shipboard fare, and the dinner conversation centered mostly around Mr Alexander’s appreciation of Capt Buckingham’s…charms.

During dinner, Mr Alexander offered his villa for the night, but Mikki quickly declined, asking if she could return to the ship, and offering to do so alone. Capt Buckingham and Gale accompanied her while Shylock remained behind to discuss business over ludicrously expensive cigars and liquor. The closer the trio got to the ship, the more relaxed Nikki became, and by the time they reached the dock, she was her normal self. When asked, she explained that she could “hear” the electronics in the house and that the sensors and scanners in the walls “made her sterile”. Apparently Mr Alexander’s villa is as protected and defensible as most Alliance fortifications, and it made Nikki very nervous. The trio left her bounding into the ship and returned to the street to explore Rambha’s night life.

In the Alexander lounge, Maximillian made it clear to Shylock that he was pleased with the Break’s performance and discretion and that similar opportunities would become available in the future, should the crew be interested. As agreed upon in the original contract, Mr Alexander indicated he had a contract available shipping kelp to Angel, for normal shipping prices, giving the Break an outbound job that coincided with its next destination.

He also showed Shylock an analysis of the cover identity Shylock had created for Capt Buckingham and revealed a few flaws (very subtle) that his team had discovered that could be corrected, as well as pointing out that her real identity has been locked by the Alliance and they are seeking her with great interest, but finding out why is not currently possible, which Mr Alexander indicated was a both uncommon and discomforting. The remainder of the conversation was about mundane business concerns, then Shylock adjourned to his suite, where he took advantage of the…amenities.

Capt Buckingham spent the evening being the center of Rambha’s socialite scene, breaking hearts right and left and making headlines the following morning in the social section of the local papers by stealing one of the most eligible young bachelors in the city off to an evening of athletic debauchery. The conjecture as to who she was and where she’ll strike next was the subject of a great deal of debate among the young people in the city. Many theories were offered, including a Companion out on the town, which was the only thing that explained her having a surly bodyguard.

During her conquest of the local nightclubs, the Capt and Gale made the acquaintance of a young fop by the name of Nace Diamond, an entrepreneur who is up-and-coming in the broker business, trying to make a name for himself in the area. He explained he had nothing available immediately, but would check about with his suppliers and contact her if he found something going her way. Currently he was small time and had nothing that would come close to filling the Break’s cargo hold, but perhaps he could find something for them to do.

Having “escorted” Capt Buckingham to her “conquest’s” abode, Gale returned to the ship and slept there, awaking early to return to his post, noticing that there was no coffee in the Break’s galley, which was odd because there is always coffee in the galley. Returning to the young gentleman’s home, his knock was answered by the disapproving Mrs Agatha Halliwell, the house matron for the apartments that Mr Andrew von Stevens (Capt Buckingham’s willing victim) resided in. Several hours later, the Capt descended the steps to find Gale asleep at his post, protecting her person, if not her honour. The two of them returned to the vessel, drawing more than a few stares and whispers from those out and about in the middle of the day.

Shylock returned to the vessel that afternoon as well, arriving around the same time as the returning Capt and Gale, and were treated to the site of the local constabulary “depositing” Pat and Bob off at the dock entrance, both unconscious, extraordinarily hung over, and apparently the victim of some self-instigated violence. Shylock collected Mikki and the pair went depot-hopping, hunting parts for the Break, where it was discovered that Mikki’s “haggling” consisted of brandishing tools and swearing at the person until they backed down, so Shylock managed the business side of things. Roughly a 1/3 of the materials needed were found, including a new dorsal airlock, and the pair returned to the ship to await the arrival of the parts. The rest will most certainly be found on Angel, the Break’s next stop.

We ended the day with the crew on board the ship, Pat and Bob snoring loudly on the floor of their cabin, and Hart and Henry nowhere to be seen. The repairs will take the better part of a week, with Mikki disassembling and reassembling the Pulse framework to repair the burnt out components and getting the dorsal airlock replaced. Later that second day, Mr Stevens will call upon the Capt, hoping to get an answer to his suit.

  • Aside, About Rambha:* Rambha is a smaller moon that is 94% ocean, so while the population of 960k is a bit low for a moon, it is artificially dense because of the small amount of land masses. The primary exports of the planet involve a myriad of seafood and oceanic products (kelp, algae, minerals, etc), with the kelp variations having many different applications, ranging from food to medicine to construction materials. The one town (with a wide suburban support structure) acts as both the commercial and the industrial center. Because of the location of the landmass, in the middle of the northern hemisphere, the planet does not serve as much of a tourist attraction. The beaches are rocky, the water treacherous, and the native wild life in the oceans more than a little aggressively carnivorous. The only people that visit Rambha are adrenaline junkies (the waves often reach heights of 60’ or more, and the fishing is almost a combat sport) and merchants.

Things that Rambha is most well known for:

· Meteorology – Many advanced terraforming techniques have been developed on Rambha with regard to weather prediction/management, as Rambha is known for particularly violent storms with 100mph+ winds when they finally hit what little land there is.

· Fishing – No other planet in the ’verse has the diverse fishing that Rambha provides, with sea life (mammals and fish) 2-3x the size of blue whales, ranging from herbivorous to omnivorous, making fishing the oceans a challenge, even for the bravest fishermen. There are varieties of crustacean and mussels only found on Rambha that are prized by the Core planets.

· Oceanic Industry – Rambha’s ocean is a wealth of untapped resources, and they are regularly finding either new things to exploit, or new ways to utilize what they have already found.



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