Serenity RPG

Week 17 - Marketplace

That whistling? It's just a little leak.

Evening on Haven, the crew relaxed around a fire, swapped stories with the locals while Shylock chatted business with the local foremen. Markus partook of the celebration but did not do any gambling on Haven, and Ivy roamed about with her implant off, running around and playing with the local kids. After a couple of days of doing business and loading ore, the crew packed up and took off.

Once in the black, there was a meeting in the common room to discuss options. Shylock tossed out the option of logging papers to officially announce the slaver asteroid as a sovereign colony in the Alliance and take advantage of the benefits that come with it, but the crew preferred to keep it secret. Then Shylock offered the idea that the asteroid could be used to pay the balance of the debt owed to the family for getting the crew off of Highgate and getting the ship back. The crew agreed to discuss te options but wanted to think on it.

Marcus and Shylock went through the cortex, checking out the reaver transponders they found and two of them turned out to be Da Xiang ones, so the Lucky Break/Not for Hire became the Snake Eyes and She De Yanjing was painted on the side the ship while Shylock re-registered it as salvaged and active. The crew worked up new names, with Ivy now being called Susie. She approached it like a game and told everyone they met. Brian, Mikki, and Markus worked on the ship’s systems en route to the core while Shylock hunted down buyers and sellers. He finally settled on Valentine to sell the ore on and Epuav-A (a moon of Osiris) to buy the medical supplies, so Gale set course to Valentine.

As they passed through the Halo and entered the Core, they were immediately hailed by a Corvette, the Shu Miron. The inspection crew boarded and did an inspection, the entire time citing how the ship was not space-worthy and shouldn’t be in the core. It passed the inspection and continued inward.

Arriving on Valentine the ship was inspected again, with the same concern for space worthiness as well as having a ship crash into a highly-populated planet. Again, the ship passed inspection and set down on the highly-industrial Valentine. The buyer was awaiting them upon landing and instantly began unloading the ore. Thanks to Shylock’s bargaining, they were able to get 9 points over cost from the buyer. No one went into town, the crew remained on board while the ore was unloaded, then the ship took off for Epuav-A.

As the entered the Osiris area, they were immediately approached by a pair of lethal-looking blue cutters bearing the Blue Sun logo. They paralleled the ship’s course and ordered it to stand to and prepare to be boarded. A trio of blue-uniformed corporate security officers boarded the ship and very carefully inspected it. The Capt noticed that they were using a hand scanner similar to the one Mitchell’s group used when looking for Ivy. They went over every inch of the ship carefully while the officer, Lt Cmdr Daxon Weaver, spoke to someone on his comms system. After over an hour of inspecting, they pronounced the ship clean and allowed it to land in a designated area on Epuav-A. As they approached the planet they noticed scores of the blue cutters moving around Osiris and it’s moons, along with Alliance city ships and cruisers.

The ship set down in the designated area and contacted the seller, buying 800 tons of medical supplies from a list pulled together by Hart of things the frontier worlds needed most. Shylock went into town with Butch and had a relatively successful evening, staying with a young lady, and Markus went out to gamble, losing all that he had left in a horrid evening of luck, while the rest of the crew remained on board. Shylock returned in the morning and the ship left in the middle of that day, heading to Jian Gyin to piick up construction materials, like nails and fasteners, from a list compiled by Mikki, from her years building up Blackwood. The trip to Jian Gyin was uneventful and the ship wasn’t inspected en route or landing.

While the 500 tons of fasteners were loaded up, the crew debarked for their various entertainments. Markus went out to gamble, staked by Shylock, and did well. Shylock didn’t do quite we well and returned early, and the Capt, Gale, and Ivy went out to visit the children’s zoo on the planet, spending the day with her implants on, enjoying the animals. The following day the Snake Eyes lifted off and headed to Ita and “home”.

As always, Owens was happy to see them and observed that, once again, they had torn their poor ship up. The crew settled into the yard and began finding parts for the ship when Orchid showed up and came aboard. She sat in the common room, sipping coffee, and brought the crew up to date on her activities. She’d found Lyrette’s daughter as well as several other kids, all on Osiris, where Blue Sun has all of it’s research facilities, in the heart of it’s power and security. Mitchell, she’d found out, is a VP of “special projects and research”, of an unnamed division within the corporation, but one that has very strong Alliance ties. She also described a new weapon’s platform she’d seen tested, called “Project Eyeshine”, which was a particle cannon, a spinal mount, attached to a missile frigate firing platform. The tests were ridiculously effective and, if cost effective, could become a major player in any military equations.

Hart walked into the common room, handed Orchid a small box, turned and left. Orchid, confused, opened the box to find small vid disks. She took one out and put it in her portable player to see what it was, and it was Alliance medical reports for Shadow, with a Capt giving the briefing and explaining the procedures to be done. It included analysis, death rates, infection calculations, and delivery methodologies. It also included footage of this same Capt walking on the planet with his team, analyzing the dying clinically while the planet screamed around him. Another disk showed him as a Lt Commander on the Miranda project, showing the analysis on the planetary psychology and reactions to the Pax, along with data showing that the Alliance knew about the connection to the Reavers long before it became “public”, and discussions in suppressing the data, blackrocking the planet and removing all the data from the Cortex. Orchid pocketed the disks, saying she’s removing references to Hart, and left the ship, promising Lyrette she’d find more about the installation.

The crew spent two weeks at Ita, replacing the engine and the cargo door, finding new sensors, and patching all the holes in the hull. Once finished, the patchwork Snake Eyes took off for the Frontier again with a cargo hold full of necessities. Their first stop was Shepherd’s Mission, where they unloaded 1 ton of materials to the towns there, with Shepherd Wells supervising from the planet’s side. Shylock went out and found a nice farmer’s daughter to spend the evening with. The Snake Eyes took off the third morning.

Ugarit was the second stop, where they sold 2 tons of materials. Hart left the ship to perform medical and shepherd services as Ugarit has neither of note. The crew spent two days here, then lifted off for Lilac, Lyrette’s birth place. On landing, Lyrette looked about but no one remained of her family. On Lilac, Shylock came up wit the idea of setting up warehouses on the smaller planets and leaving larger amounts of materials behind to be resold. It took 3 days all told, but they left 8 tons behind on Lilac with Shylock’s agent.

The next stop was Arminius, a larger colony, and after 3 days of setting up, Shylock found an agent with a pre-existing warehouse and they left 50 tons to be resold. Unfortunately, someone else had a similar idea and was already doing this, so Shylock left instructions to undercut them by a small amount. Butch went over to do a quick security check on the competition compared to Shylock’s man, and both were using minimal security, so he did not feel there was a need to be concerned.

After Arminius, the cew lifted off for Blackwood, where they unloaded 4 tons to Dryden to re-sell. Shylock recruited 6 enthusiastic boys for the task of cleaning out the asteroid, and after three days of unloading the materials, the Snake Eyes headed to it’s hidden slaver asteroid. When they arrived, Hart inoculated the boys and Shylock put them to cleaning up the bodies and blood.

Gale and Mikki offloaded the EMP cannon and Brian’s terraforming supplies, along with supplies to feed Brian and the young men for a few days while the Snake Eyes continued on it’s errands nearby. The Capt continued in her beautification of the asteroid with her decorations while Hart cleaned and stocked the larder to provide meals for the residents for at least a month, in case something bad happened. Mikki did maintenance on the fusion plant and life support systems and Brian health-checked the power systems and electronics, making sure the asteroid was fit to support life, long term.



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