Serenity RPG

Week 13 - Guns, guns, guns

Gale's leaving? Don't split the party, we'll all die!!!

The crew decided that, since the ship was well know and targeted by the Tong, and the new one was not, that Gale would take the Icarus to the last leg of the map trip, take a sighting from there, and return to Ita. This would give them the last coordinates without risking the ire of the Tong. Gale took off in the smaller ship, to return in a few weeks, leaving Mikki to pilot the Not For Hire…her skills were basic, but she could fly the ship well enough, as long as the crew’s requirements were simple.

Around Ita, it was decided that some of the gear Brian needed for his research might be found among the old terraforming gear that resided on planet. Shylock concocted a cover story about them having a standing order for used terraforming gear from Moab and contacted the planet. After chatting with the company procurement agent over pricing (they just needed to cover the costs), the ship was invited down to peruse the equipment. Most of the crew (Markus headed in to gamble) headed out via mule and moved about the old terraforming gear while Brian picked through it. He was able to find roughly half of what he needed (the middle half, cost-wise). The remaining bottom quarter would cost roughly 50k while the top quarter will be 1.5 million credits.

Once the terraforming gear was loaded, the crew made to leave, but Markus was not answering his comm. Shylock and Butch went in to recover him and, in passing through the tavern, paused to talk to the barkeep, pick up the consignment cash (all was sold, tidy profit), and get another order. Shylock noticed Orchid sitting at the end of the bar, reading, and ordered a vile drink sent to her, which she refused, but gestured him over to talk. They discussed current events and Shylock discovered that Adm Monroe was “retired” and sent coreward.

He gave her info on Mitchell and she promised to look into him and get back with info.

Looking over the list of parts needed, and seeing their empty bank accounts, Shylock began drumming up business to help pay for the terraforming gear. The first run he found was a gun run from Verbena to Aesir, both Alliance worlds where the cargo would be illegal. In order to (at least partially) cover the travel with legitimate concerns, he also found a run of terraforming gear from Shoje-downs to Moab. With both deals identified, the ship set course for Shoje- downs.

Shoje-downs had the normal Alliance presence above, and the ship was hailed for a standard inspection by the ANS Avenger. It was at this point that it became clear that, perhaps, Mikki should not be handling ships communications. She was flying well enough, but her radio manner left a great deal to be desired and Markus took over ships comms duties until Gale returned. The customs inspector, Lt Gupta, came aboard and gave a courteous inspection of the ship. When she got to sickbay, she was very impressed with the breadth of equipment there (she obviously had a medical background herself) and spent an hour talking medical shop with Hart. She gave the rest of the ship a cursory inspection, enjoyed the coffee, and left.

The ship set down, Shylock contacted the customer and arranged for the cargo to be delivered the next day, and the usual crew debarked for their usual activities. Markus had an excellent night’s gambling, the Capt (with Gale in tow) had an adequate night’s carousing, and Shylock found a nice young woman to spend the evening with. Mikki was gone for the evening, and shortly after Hart left (leaving Brian alone with Ivy), Ivy snuck out. Brian called Hart, he returned to snag Ivy, and secured her in the ship in Brian’s care. The following day the Capt took Ivy out shopping while Gale and Mikki secured the cargo and Shylock went out to buy a still, storing the unassembled still in one of the empty cabins. Once all was loaded, the ship lifted off and made for Verbena. En route, Brian did some experiments on Ivy’s “plastic” toys and came to the same conclusions as Shylock’s engineers had…indestructible by normal means.

The sky above Verbena was filled with freighters and superfreighters, signs of a lot of industry on the planet. Shylock contacted the seller and arranged to have the cargo delivered the next morning and the crew debarked to explore. Another adequate night for Shylock and the Capt, but Markus was soundly beaten by a woman who looked remarkably like a librarian. She played him out, lured him in and took him for all he had, leaving him with one of her cards as a reminder. He returned to the ship sullen and poorer for the experience. The following morning the “frozen food” arrived and was loaded carefully, inserted among the terraforming gear, along with a “special” crate of “iced cream”, which turned out to be a transponder.

While underway to Aesir, the crew stole a chance to open one of the crates to see what they were shipping, and found a rack of pulse rifles, explosive tipped, SLAP rounds, high military stuff. Butch wept quietly that they could not “borrow” one and they secured the crate to show it had never been opened. The transponder, after a ’tex search, turned out to be a ship called the Albino Tiger, a smuggling ship bound by law on a number of planets. Apparently it was missing and presumed destroyed, but the wreckage had never been found.

The space over Aesir was corporate-owned. The Alliance was present in force (a Tahore-class city ship was in orbit) but the vast majority of traffic was corporate shuttles and freighters. Aesir is the sector- home for every major corporation in the ’Verse. Shylock contacted the buyer who gave them landing coordinates and the ship set down in one of the suburbs of New England, though a few other cities vied for their business as well. The buyer arrived quickly and divested the crew of their goods, and the crew headed into town. Shylock hooked up with a fascinating woman named Caroline Stanwick, an AVP in Finance for Scinidine Technologies, and spent a wonderful evening with her.

Markus and the Capt had far less luck and after a rather uneventful start to their evenings, decided to hop a shuttle to another town.

Once in New Dublin, Markus did significantly better, making up for his losses on Vebena, and the Capt ended her evening in the company of the charming Angus McIntosh, a corporate lawyer for Transcendent Finances. Sadly, Markus was ready to turn in early in the morning and ended up sleeping in the shuttle, waiting for the Capt. The Capt returned that morning, the pair returned to the ship, and the crew lifted off for Moab.

The trip to Moab, and subsequent cargo drop off, was uneventful and the crew returned to Ita to meet up with Gale. During this return trip. Hart clandestinely approached Markus, offered to give him an implant, and he happily accepted, making him the 3rd to receive an implant, after himself and Ivy.



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