Serenity RPG

Week 88 - Proposals, part deux
Something old, something new...

On the two week journey to Meadow from the Frontier, Sasha approached the Captain and asked her about solar ships. Solar ships were actually an older technology for the verse, used widely when humanity first arrived, by impractical in many ways. The ships were very delicate, very hard to maintain, and while a bit faster than conventional pulse drives going away from a stellar mass, they were significantly slower going towards one and operated very poor inside planetary gravity wells. They were eventually mothballed in favor of more conventional shipping.

Week 87 - Agatha Wynde
I hope that one day we can become friends.

With a date on the horizon and a need to impress, the Captain went shopping, trying to find something slinky and powerful. Unfortunately, while Meridian had made many strides forward in the recent months, fashion wasn’t one of them, so all she found was calico, gingham, and plaid. Ivy and Gale both picked up new outfits, all “westerny” and local in order to better fit in, and the Captain had to make do with something from her extensive wardrobe for the occasion.

Week 86 - Old "Friends"
Meridian again? You never take me anywhere new.

The Locksley arrived at the asteroid and the crew immediately began working to make it a home. Hart (with Sasha’s help) configured the infirmary, including moving the MRI into it, as well as put the final touches on the kitchen. The Captain stretched out into her new, luxurious cabin and decorated it and Ivy threw her stuff in to her room and went to play with Rawn. Rawn and Sasha were both given cabins, though they were also given a “hole” to hide in when they were out and about, just in case.

Week 85 - Sasha
Oh My.

The tall feline humanoid stood over the Captain, staring down into her eyes with confusion when suddenly he started, looked past her, tilted his head, and then bounded across the room and up the hall, startling those standing near the hall out of his path. Ivy called after him not to hurt him and that he’d just heard the other egg. Everyone ran down the hall in pursuit and found him outside the infirmary, looking agitated.

Week 84 - Rawn
I got a new ship! I got a new ship! I got a new ship!

Ivy and Delores spent the better part of 3 days together. When they came out for meals, Delores looked haggard and Ivy looked exhausted, but informed everyone that the process was moving along well enough, while Delores simply nodded and ate mechanically. After the third day, Ivy came out, told the Captain that she’d done all she could, and collapsed onto her bed roll after making sure the eggs were OK. The following morning, Delores woke up and joined the Captain at breakfast, looking a bit better, but drained and hollow-eyed. She explained that Ivy was an amazing child, albeit a bit rough around the edges, and thanked the Captain and her crew for the service she’d rendered. The Captain graciously accepted the gratitude and rather morosely explained that they had some experience with this particular issue.

Week 83 - Deals
Shylock, WTF are you doing?!?!

In the lounge, the crew and Delores Iskellion sat around tables and negotiated. Her marines stood at ease at the door and her assistant, Mr Chu, sat behind her, at another table. Delores spoke easily and clearly, obviously someone who negotiated deals of this magnitude often. She came with a long list of things she was willing to provide and laid them all on the table for the Captain to review, along with pictures of the ship she proposed to give them, the Locksley.

Weed 82 - Iskellion
When do we get to open our presents?!

On the 28 day trip back to the frontier, Ivy and Abi were not themselves. Abigail had become obsessed with the eggs and consistently recommended hiding the eggs, changing them, focused on protecting them from the evils of the empire. Ivy on the other hand wanted to touch them, be with them, and swore they were calling to her. Abi stopped eating and Ivy tried to sneak into the infirmary multiple times, always ending up injured or sick when Hart’s “stop gaps” caught up to her. Hart had a firm conversation with Abigail, explaining to her his priorities and insisting she take care of herself and she started behaving, under threat of being cut out of the research.

Week 81 - Eggs
We got'em! Oh crap, here they come!

Most of the first day was spent rebuilding the drone network inside the hulk while going over probe footage and debating which thing was what. They found an area of tanks and vats that appeared to be damaged and all of the lights on the tanks (and the corresponding panels in the control rooms) were black. The nature of the damage was not clear, but it was obvious that the tanks and vats contents were damaged in some way.

Week 80 - Departure
Goodbye Carl, you'll be missed.

Gale plotted the most direct course to the outskirts of the Frontier and the two ships made their way there at best speed (which is to say the Calypso’s speed, as the slowest ship). It was decided that, since the Hephaestus was short a shuttle anyway, they would hide the powered armor in the shuttle bay and disguise it as a shuttle needing repair. A few days out from the Frontier they picked up comms chatter indicating that Commodore Rainier and the Alliance were still in control of the area so both ships flipped transponders and tidied things up.

Week 79 - Drones
Valis, watch the hulk, we'll be right back.

Hovering off the nose of the ship, Hawke dropped down to the surface and crawled among the Oort debris. Knifed into the nose of the ship was a massive shard of stellar debris, sticking out 150m, 70m across, and weighing an inestimable amount of gigatons. At the point where the hull was split, Hawke ccould see blue trinket material, sparking plasma and fire, and giving off a tremendous amount of EM. Valis brought a drone over to investigate down into the crevasse but it was fried the moment it entered. Hawke and the drones continued to explore the nose while everyone else remained on board and analyzed the data.


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