The Space Hulk

This is a collection of all of the information regarding the massive alien craft that the crew of the Hephaestus encountered.

The Ship

  • The hulk was just over 150km long and 30km in diameter.
  • It is completely black, and surrounded by a debris cloud roughly 10km thick around the cigar-shaped fuselage.
  • The debris field contains pieces of the ship itself, “trinket” fragments, random rocks, cometery debris, asteroids, random fragments of stellar mass, oort cloud debris, and a small amount of pieces of other ships.
  • At round the midpoint, there are 2 ships impacted on the surface. Both are obviously Reaver ships, frigate in size. Both of the ships had 12m holes cut into them from the outside (by drones). The metal was sliced as if by a knife.
  • Near where the ships are impacted there was a 30m wide “tear” in the hull, into the hydroponics area.
  • All sensors seem to be absorbed by the hull, rendering it invisible to any scanning. Communications also fails to pass through the barrier that is the hull.
  • The hull consists of 3 layers. The outer and inner layers are of a “flaky” metallic substance that is stronger than any metal in the ’Verse. The center is a layer of the red “trinket” material, laid out in a grid.
  • The rear is concave, filled with concentric vents.
  • The front is tapered and appears like it would fit into the concave part of another ship, perhaps in a linked “train”.
  • The back is roughly 1/3 more massive/dense than the rest, as determined by the mass, pattern and speed of the orbiting debris.
  • There is a seam, roughly 1km in length that appears like a door on the top at near the midpoint in length of the ship.
  • The ship is skewed in its path, 30 degrees off it’s axis.
  • There are 2 “airlocks” in the front 1/3, one on each side, 100m diameter, 10m raised from the surface, with iris doors.
  • There are 2 “airlocks” at the midpoint, one on each side, 100m diameter, 10m raised from the surface, with iris doors.
  • In the center is a giant chamber that is a massive single room. In the very center, on the pylon that supports the spine of the ship, are massive lights that, when they were active, provided a simulation of the light of a blue star. The super-dense star material that crashed through the hull broke the integrity of the chamber, destroying what was obviously a massive hydroponics chamber.
  • In the hydroponics chamber, there is an iris on the fore side, 100m in diameter, and a 100m diameter tunnel following the shaft of the spine of the ship going aft for 2km. The tunnel contains many conduits and side tunnels going off in different directions for the distribution of air and support systems. The shaft ends in a massive chamber filled with eggs, covered in a pale blue layer of light that seems to be keeping mist within it.
  • The nose of the ship is impacted with massive amounts of Oort cloud material.
  • There are hallways on the dorsal and ventral sides of the ship, radiating aft from the hydroponics area, octagonal in shape, 20m across. Every few 100m there is an octagonal chamber with banks of lights and panels on every flat surface. These lights represent the status of the tanks and vats in the associated areas.
  • There are massive areas of tanks and vats. The tanks contain genetic material for living things (plants, animals) for the colony, the vats contain the protein/nutrient supplement to “re-hydrate” the Kirann and other lifeforms from stasis.

The Drones

  • The Kirann call them “Harvesters”
  • They are extruded out of a derivative of the hull metal, though without the “singing ore” (the plastic), and powered by bio-synthetic systems. They’re simplistic and role-based, with very simple fall-back algorithms when the main system is offline.
  • They appear to be much like 4-legged spiders, 4m across, 4m tall. They have 2 additional “arms” that end in scythe-like blades.
  • The tips of each of the legs has a number of hooks that it uses to move along the surface of the ship, both inside and out.
  • The drone’s carapace is a silicate shell that seemed to reflect sensors, also making it very difficult to detect. Stronger than any animal carapace, and very resistant to heat, light, and radiation, it was not impervious to bullets.
  • Within its carapace it is filled with a silicate gel that is highly acidic, burning through most anything it comes in contact with, except the carapace and trinket material. It burned the hull material, but very slowly and gave off a very caustic gas in doing so.

The Eggs

  • The pressure is 1.05 atmospheres
  • The “air” is in fact, air, with roughly the same proportions of oxygen and nitrogen
  • The “shell” is more of a hard leather sack, with the consistency of cuirboilli, roughly 4cm thick. It is organic and carbon-based. The contents appear to be under a great deal of pressure.
  • The shell is very cold to the touch, well below freezing, so Hart has ensured the container continues that temperature
  • The object within is distilled genetic material, a “dehydrated” clone
  • The fluid inside the egg is a hyper-rich nutrient/protein suspension that is used in the regeneration process to rebuild the entity.
  • The yellow grid the eggs sit in allows the ship to maintain them and provide them with a status update (mentally) as they are regenerating.

The Hull Metal
After a tremendous amount of analysis by Abi and the engineers, the following are the characteristics that have been learned about the hull metal:

  • It is a flaky, crystalline metal, sharing many characteristics with micah.
  • On it’s own it has a strong bond internally but is brittle and flakes relatively easily into individual “shards”.
  • It appears to be actively “sensitive” and can be manipulated with the proper exertion of psionic energy.
  • Bound to red “plastic”, it becomes nigh invulnerable, but somewhat flexible, distributing force along the “flakes” to the point where it can withstand tremendous amounts of pressure/impact.

Trinket Material

  • Virtually invulnerable, pseudo-crystalline in nature, can withstand tremendous amounts of pressure and energy without changing.
  • “Active” aware, and exertions of energy/force are converted into psionic energy discharges…the greater the force, the greater the discharge.
  • All can be shaped and formed by skilled actives, though each type requires a different application of that force.
  • They are a derivative of a mineral found in the mountain ranges of the Kirann home world, it “sings” to them, and many musicians and philosophers through the centuries had tales and stories of ghosts and spirits who dwelled there. Properly processed and imbued, it stores psychic energy. This was only discovered a few 100 years ago, and it supercharged their tech, created a revolution in industry.
  • There are 3 types: Blue, Red, and Yellow.
    • Red – Structure and force, responds best to telekinesis (movers), creates fields of stability around it when manipulated correctly.
    • Blue – Reason and thought, responds best to telepathy (readers), supports memory retention and reason, used to create active “computers” and cerebral networks.
    • Yellow – Senses and emotion, responds best to empathy (readers and watchers), conduit for active energy, used to create nerve/sensory structures.

The Space Hulk

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