The Confederation of Independent Worlds

The Confederation of Independent Worlds (CIW)
Initially called the “New Independents”, is now the Confederate Navy and the ships are designated CNS. Additionally, the ships that were created as privateers are legitimized and being brought under Confed control, reigning in their terror on legitimate business.

Scope of Operations
White Sun (The Core) – The Confed has no presence in the Core worlds, they are Alliance-owned, though the Halo contains a number of privateer forces, haranguing merchant traffic in and out at this time. Initially there were numerous pushes and terrorist runs to Core Worlds by the CNS forces, but it turns out they were feints to pull Alliance forces in to protect their own worlds while CNS forces struck elsewhere.

Georgia (The Border) – Ezra, Regina, Boros, Kerry, Ithica, and Elphame (with all moons) are all under Confed control, uncontested. Di Yu has been emptied. Athens is blockaded and numerous space battles have occurred there. If the Confed forces can break Athens, they can take the rest of the system with ease until Murphy.

Red Sun (The Border) – 100% Confed forces. This was the initial push. The Confederation owns the entire system, including the Comm Sat. The capital of the Confederation is located on Jiangyin, the former capital of the Alliance in that system. Skirmishes occur on the edges, but the Alliance has currently ceased most hostilities here after tragic bombings by Alliance forces were released to video in the core. The Confed has seized all ship yards and food production in the system, putting it in control of the largest production facilities in the ’Verse.

Kalidasa (The Rim) – All systems from Penglai inward are Confed controlled, and fighting has slowed down in this region as the Confed got what they wanted, the core production facilities.

Blue Sun (The Frontier) – Strongly Alliance controlled, Alliance is pushing hard onto the worlds with resources to dominate them and turn them around into useful worlds, much to the chagrin of the people who moved out there to get away from the Alliance. It is suspected this will not last as there are a great many raw resources out here that the Confeds will not let the Alliance keep. From a PR standpoint, it’s obvious that, with the Alliance going fascist on the Frontier, it’s only a matter of time before the CNS show up to “liberate” the words from their “oppressors”.

About the CIW
The CIW started out as a political fiction, a ruse by the military to create fear to help bolster their flagging economy and the very real problem of managing 50 billion people with a centralized government that was weeks/months away from its farthest reaches. During the War of Independence, the economy boomed and patriotism bloomed, so what was needed was another war, but one they controlled.

The Navy (with the support of certain Parliament committees), began building a rogue force of real ships, capable of real damage, but staffed by Navy personnel. Unfortunately, a project of this size can often be difficult to manage, and persons with different agendas who had infiltrated the project (being part of its initial recommendation in the first place) managed to extend it well beyond its scope. Using bogus paper trails and conflicting reports, a Navy 5x the planned size was built and the personnel manning it were handpicked by these persons, especially the officers, to ensure a different agenda could be pushed.

The fleets were build in 3 different locations, all secret (often from the people paying the bills), and a week before the project was supposed to go live and the “invasion” was to happen, all sites went dark and comms were lost. 2 weeks later, major NI attacks occurred on Athens and Jiangyin. Jiangyin was taken, Athens was not but was severely wounded. Simultaneously attacks were launched on all border ship yards and ships were seized, almost doubling the size of the NI fleet. Additional personnel were found on Di Yu as well as other training camps that had been set up well in advance. The ships were outfitted en route and the NI Navy began taking systems.

The first major push from the Alliance occurred at Jiangyin, but before the Alliance could gather for their assault, they were attacked by forces that were ready for them and the entire Alliance fleet was destroyed, with minimal losses to the NI. Two other ambushes of large Alliance fleets made it clear that the NI forces had someone within the Alliance feeding them Intel, so they locked down the CommSats, which only helped the Confed because they were operating within systems, not across them. After 3 major defeats in as many weeks, the Alliance paused to regroup, which was precisely what the NI forces expected and they consumed every world they could. Some willingly, some at gunpoint, with a bit of “we will free you from the shackles of oppression whether you want it or not”.

A month later, the Alliance geared up to push through the Halo and re-take Jiangyin when a fleet of freighters bombed all of the orbital facilities around Albion, destroying the communications infrastructure, 2 skyplexes, and billions of credits in commercial infrastructure, along with quite a few Alliance citizens. Outraged at this attack, the Alliance citizens demanded better protection and Parliament went into chaos, resulting in martial law being declared, again precisely what the Confed wanted.

Where it Stands Today
At present, a stalemate of sorts exists, with only small engagements occurring, but this can not last. The Confed controls the resources and production and has made it clear they are going to choke the Alliance until they surrender and will not provide a single grain of wheat to the Core until all Alliance forces are returned to the Core and remain there. The Alliance has denounced the Confed forces as criminals and murderers and will not stop until all are brought to justice. The planets caught in the middle are doing their best to survive, with guerrilla forces on both sides operating to disrupt whatever they can.

The Confederation is shoring up the worlds it’s taken, repairing and rebuilding its Navy, and managing its worlds. The Confederation Govt is publishing it’s Constitution which spells out that each world manages its own affairs and pays taxes to the central Confederation for the sole purpose of defense and trade protection between worlds. Each planet will have representation in the Confederation’s governing (4/planet in the Senate, and per population in the House) and (once things have settled out) the President will be elected by the populace. The Confed promises an open, accessible centralized government where the bulk of the power resides on the planets where it belongs. The current President-elect is Chando Sinnis, a former Parliament member who spoke out against the iron-fist politics of the Alliance and was imprisoned for his actions.

The Alliance is starving. They are re-purposing worlds and moons to try to produce what they can to feed their planets, but the rate of consumption of resources on the Core worlds is easily 3x it’s rate of production. That, combined with the entitled “haves” suddenly not “having” and creating chaos is making things that much more complex. Add to this the numerous security breaches and intelligence leaks that have been occurring and the management of the Core Worlds is quickly falling apart.

Blue Sun
From CEO Huiqing Wu, “We here at Blue Sun are appalled at the tragedies that are occurring everywhere and pledge our support for the people of the ’Verse. We are discounting medical supplies and food stuffs and shipping them to every planet to help ease the misery on the families and children of these disasters. We are non-partisan and will not choose a side in this conflict, because our focus is, has been, and will always be…you, our customers. We produce no weapons, no military products of any kind, only good, wholesome products that you need every moment of every day, and it is our goal, our mission, our purpose to get these goods to you, no matter the risk to ourselves. We are working with both governments to ensure that, regardless of their conflict, the people should get what they need. We will be there for you when this settles out, for we are Blue Sun, the light that shines into all of your lives.”

The Confederation of Independent Worlds

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