Notable Planets

Core Worlds
Ariel – Best medical research
Bellerophon – Wealthy island city-states
Bernadette – First Colony, home of the Colony and Settlement Authority
Gonghe – Chinese Hollywood
Liann Jiun – Chinese Wall Street
Londinium – Alliance Parliament
Osiris – Home of the Alliance Courts
Persephone – Slums of the Core
Santo – Gambler’s Paradise
Sihnon – Center of Buddhism

Border Worlds
Boros – Ares (moon) is Iskellkian Military Shipyard
Conrad – New Florida Retirement World
Di Yu – Hong Shing Penitentiary, Hellworld
Ezra – Niska’s Skyplex, might makes right
Greenleaf – The ’Verse’s Columbia
Harvest – The ’Verse’s Breadbasket
Hera – Serenity Valley
Higgin’s Moon – Jaynestown, Ceramic Mud
Jiangyin – No Alliance, no Govt, no Value
New Melbourne – Fisherman’s Wharf
Paquin – Gypsy World, Carnie Haven
Regina – Bowden’s Malady
St Albans – Gorram Cold!
Shadow – Restricted, uninhabitable
Triumph – Amish Paradise

Rim Worlds
Angel – Home to Blue Sun Bio-Pharmaceuticals
Beaumonde – Manufacturing hub of the Rim
Beylix – Junkyard of the ’Verse
Hubal – Home of Blackleaf
Ita – Towed to Ita!
New Kasmir
Newhall – Go West young man!
Rhamba – Waterworld, Rhamban Kelp
Salisbury – Friendliest Planet in the ’Verse!
Sin – Tourist location
Verbena – Recovering strong

Frontier Worlds
Bhima – Restricted
Blackwood – Mmmm, Beer
Haven – Rich mining world
Highgate – Manufacturing hub of the Frontier
Lilac – Scrub world, Reaver bait

Notable Planets

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