Building Characters using the Serenity Rules

Below is the step-by-step process for building characters using the Serenity RPG rules (the Cortex RPG system).

Everything is bought using a dedicated pool, in even dice numbers, up to the max for the thing being bought. Most things are expressed in dice, not values. For example, Strength can be d10, which is expressed as “d10”, not rolling a d10 and keeping the number. The d10 is rolled when Strength is needed for a roll.

Typical values, their costs, and a rough estimate of what they mean are:

  • 0 pts = d0 – crippled, unskilled, “Which end of this do I hold?”
  • 2 pts = d2 – well below average, incompetent, “That ain’t the ‘on’ button, is it?”
  • 4 pts = d4 – below average, novice, “Don’t pull the trigger, squeeze it.”
  • 6 pts = d6 – average, competent, “Believe I know this dance. Shall we?”
  • 8 pts = d8 – above average, expert, “I can reprogram this trash bin to go wherever we want.”
  • 10 pts = d10 – well above average, professional, “The dermal mender will keep that ear on fine. Just don’t fiddle with it!”
  • 12 pts = d12 – exceptional, master, “A Crazy Ivan? Right now? Okay.”
  • 14 pts = d12+d2 – superhuman, supreme, “You’re holding eights, low queen, jack, and ace. Your eyes gave it away.”
  • 16 pts = d12+d4 – ridiculous, supernatural, “Don’t bother getting the chessboard out, checkmate in 5 moves.”

Step 1 Buy Attributes
Step 2 Buy Traits
Step 3 Buy Skills

A couple more things to know about:
Plot Points
How to Do Things or Tasks
Fighting Stuff

Ship Stuff

Your Stuff in the New Rules


Building Characters using the Serenity Rules

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