Biology and Appearance

General Traits

  • Bipedal feline, a la the Kzinti, Kilrathi, Caitians, etc.
  • There are 2 genders, male and female, and share most of the mammalian traits regarding reproduction, but they only ever have single births.
  • They average 2.5m tall and 200 kilos for the males, 2.2m and 180 kilos for the females, indicating a significant muscle mass and tissue/bone density.
  • There are breed colorations that, at some point in their history, represented class and genetic standing, but enough interbreeding occurred over time to mix them up. They tend to have similar colorations to Terran cats. Shorter-haired seemed to be more urban, while longer ones tend to be more rural.
  • They have bright eyes with round pupils, to scale with their face.
  • Their snout is slightly protruded (not as much as a lion, but more than a Pekinese cat).
  • Front teeth are incisors and canines, rear are molars, indicating an omnivore.
  • Hands and feet have 3 digits with 1 in opposition, and both appear to be prehensile. Fingers and toes both have retractable claws, roughly 1” in length, that are curved and sharp. Some file them down, some have them enameled, there is great variety in how individuals represent them.
  • Their tail is as long as their legs and animated, but does not appear prehensile. Length, hair density, decorations are all affectations and vary greatly by preference, including some who simply cut it off.
  • Their legs appear to have 2 “knees”, but that is a misconception. Instead the “foot” is longer and they walk on their “toes”, digitigrade style. Their legs appear to be quite strong and they can jump rather high and run rather fast.
  • Their arms are longer than a normal human’s to scale, and the muscles a bit more developed, indicating that perhaps they move on 2 and 4 legs as needed.
  • Their ears are atop the head and animated. They vary greatly from each other, again with affectations of decoration, hair, etc.

Clan Appearances

  • Clan of the Mind – Typically these are darker in color with shorter hair, in blacks, dark greys, etc. There are some from other colors that become Mind Clan, but it is very rare. They tend towards shorter tails and smaller ears and many affect clipped ears/tails for practicality’s sake. They also prefer more jewelry, hues, and decorations, with the quality of the jewelry indicating their status in the Clan.
  • Clan of the Spirit – They are always white, with very short hair and pale blue eyes. They can be born to other clans, but they are born white, which is considered a boon to the clan. Seekers are minimalists when it comes to change, decoration, or affectation, rarely altering their appearance or adding to it. Even their clothing tends towards the Spartan.
  • Clan of the Land – They tend to be longer furred and more in earth tones, such as browns and golds, with manes, ear tufts, tail tufts, and other extended fur. Among all the Clans, the Land tend to have the longest fur, some bordering on shaggy, and great attention is put into braids, beads, and other decorations as indications of status within the Clan.
  • Clan of the Body – They can have almost any coloration, though many tend to be calico or tabby. Because of the wide variety in appearance, the Body Kirann are the most commonly modified by alterations, such as clipped tails, shaved/trimmed head, moustaches, paints, dyed, jewelry, etc. These decorations tend to follow function and role, the more risky the job, the more flamboyant the decorations. Additionally, because every Body Clan is a warrior, they hold many competitions throughout the season and those that win get the honor of wearing indications of their victories and skill. Older Body Clan warriors with many victories can be quite fierce to behold.

Actives and Clans
All Kirann are Readers, to some degree. Many also manifest at least one other ability.

  • Clan of the Mind – 30% Watchers, 20% Menders, 10% Movers, 10% Burners, and 30% do not manifest a secondary ability.
  • Clan of the Spirit – 30% are Menders, 10% are Pushers, 10% are a variety of Mover that can levitate/fly (only the oldest of these manifest), 10% are Watchers, and 40% do not manifest a secondary ability.
  • Clan of the Land – 20% are Movers, 15% are Burners, 10% are Menders, 15% can Read animals and communicate with and influence them, and 40% do not manifest a secondary ability.
  • Clan of the Body – 90% do not manifest a secondary ability, the other 10% manifest lower powered versions of any of the others.

Biology and Appearance

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