"Actives" in the 'Verse

“Actives” are people with a Psionic rating of greater than 5 and possess an active ability skill of 0 or higher. People with a psionic of less than 6 but more than 0 are called “latents”, and those with a score of 0 are called “blind”.

There are 4 types of active abilities. Typically an active will have a single ability set, though some rare cases are documented of people having more than one, but the amount of power the person possesses seems to be spread between the abilities they have, so more abilities equates to less power for each.

The abilites are:
Reader - Can read the thoughts of those around them within range, the range being based upon the psionic score of the active, the skill rating, and talents. Surface thoughts are trivial and have the longest range, while deeper thoughts vary with the depth needed to find them and the obstacles to overcome. Subconscious thoughts require touch to find. In some cases readers have been known to project thoughts as well, but this is not to be confused with a pusher. A reader’s thoughts in your head sound like the reader’s voice and are as compelling as if the reader spoke them aloud.

Pusher - Pushers have the ability to push thoughts, decisions, and ideas into the head of the target. It requires a significantly greater amount of energy and has a much shorter range to accomplish, and the amount of energy it takes is directly proportionate to the resistance the target would have to accepting the suggestion. If the pusher successfully introduces the thought, it will not be resisted and the target will attempt to incorporate it into their thought matrix, often with chaotic or unpredictable results. The human mind is a fragile thing and pushers can be the equivalent of throwing a flaming monkey wrench at a juggler who’s already got his hands full.

Movers - Telekinetics, able to exercise force at range. The range and strength of the force is based upon the active’s psionic score, mover rating, and talents. While the force can rarely exceed human maximum physical, it often exceeds the physical strength of the mover themselves. Brute force is easier than fine motor control, so it takes less energy to knock someone down than it does to lift a key, move it to a lock, and turn the key to open the lock.

  • Burners – Pyrokinetic, a variety of mover who instead of moving on a large scale, move on a molecular one, agitating the molecules of an area to produce heat. As with movers, range and power are based upon stat, skill, and talents, as well as the flammability of the target. Burners do a SIGNFICANT amount of damage to organics, but no known burners can produce enough activity to melt carbon steel and other such tempered materials.
  • Menders – Menders are another variant of mover/burner, but instead of moving or exciting, they heal and regenerate. The amount of damage they can regenerate is based upon stat, skill, and talents and there are documented cases of complete limb/organ regeneration in some of the more powerful cases. Menders abilities function on themselves first and always, so they are rarely sick and heal quickly from injuries, though not at “cartoon” levels and serious injuries require effort and concentration.

Watchers - Watchers are pre/post cognitive, able to see what has or will happen to a place or thing. It is never exact and rarely controllable, and nothing is ever fixed. Watchers are 100% accountable to Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and the laws of Quantum Physics, where the very act of observing an event changes the event. There are many variations on watchers, the vast majority of them are considered “mediums”, people who can touch a thing or be in a place and know it’s history. The stronger the watchers stat, power, and talents, the greater the time delta between where the watcher is and where they can see. The range for a watcher is always their current location.

  • Walkers – Walkers are a variation on watchers, but instead of seeing when, they see where. They remain in the present, but are able to detach their senses and travel about to sense in other locations. The greater the walker’s stat, power, and talents, the farther a walker can travel and the more clearly they can see. They can never interact or effect, simply observe. Their body remains in place and is vulnerable, and if either end is killed both are lost, though there are stories of some walkers being able to enter another’s body if they are cut off, but the abilities of the walker are limited to the abilities of the body they enter. There are no formally documented cases of this occurring.
  • Touchers – Touchers are watchers that read what is about an item or place. More reliable but less powerful than normal watchers, they can see what has happened to a thing by touching it, reading it. The more powerful the thing that has happened, the further back it can be read, and often a great energy will mask smaller ones. For example, if a weapon was used for a brutal murder 100 years ago, with a lot of passion behind it, it will often be difficult to read anything else about the item, even if it’s been used violently since.

General traits

  • All actives can aura perceive, though range varies by ability. In order of longest to shortest range: Readers, Pushers, Watchers, and Movers. The higher the target’s psionic stat, the brighter the aura is. How the aura is perceived is often subjective, but there are general traits like scarring due to damage and discoloration due to abuse. Auras can and do change colour over the life of the target as they align with one belief or another, and there is a great deal of zen involved in reading them.
  • Actives can resist undesired activity by another active. For example, it is harder for a pusher to push onto a reader, or a reader to read a watcher, if they don’t want it to happen. It becomes an opposed roll (see common rolls).
  • Latents can not oppose, but are harder to do things to as they do have some resistance.
  • Electromagnetic interference, especially from implants or head gear on the proper frequency, can inhibit or outright block actives abilities, inbound and outbound.

"Actives" in the 'Verse

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