Serenity RPG

Week 74 - Reunions
Yes, I can kill people with my mind. Why do you ask?

Later that evening, the Capt headed over to the Calypso seeking Conner. She found him in engineering, helping Zeke and Jose with maintenance, which was what he did when he was unhappy. Seeing her show up, Zeke and Jose suddenly found other places to be, and Conner stood there facing her like a man bracing to be struck. She explained that the Adm had proposed to her and that she did not say yes. Conner released the breath he did not know he was holding and asked her what she was going to do. She explained that being an Adm’s wife was not something she ever envisioned for herself. Conner in turn told her that, until things were sorted out with Kurt, he would be on the run and not fit to give her the life she deserved, and he would not blame her for accepting the offer. She took his hand, led him to his cabin, and showed him how silly she thought he was.

Week 73 - Proposal
Lyrette Coffey-Monroe, has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

On the last day of the repairs, Hyacinth received a note from Orchid, asking him to ask the Capt if she would do a run for her. The trip was to pick up terraforming gear on Kerry and deliver it to Meadow, a word that had been being terraformed for a long time but was having environmental issues. The run was profitable and they needed the cash, but that left them traveling empty to the border so the Capt hunted down another job, finding a delivery of education kiosks from St Albans to Whitefall to supplement the burgeoning school system on that new colony.

Week 72 - Ivy-napped!
Again?! What am I, a library book?!

On the third day of repairs, a group of men showed up at the gate in black trucks, wearing body armor and with holstered weapons. They waited at the gate, after ringing the bell, and looked like they were trying desperately to not look hostile. The Capt and Gale went out to meet them and they explained they were the replacement team from VS Security, the corporation that the crew had contracted with for securing the compound. They were here to take up station and honor the contract, but they had one request…they wanted the body of Kevin Smalls, the lead guard who had been killed in the “altercation”. The Capt explained that Mr Smalls was not dead but was recovering in their infirmary and escorted the new leader, a Lt Wheeler, to see him.

Week 71 - Aftermath
Great, another powerful villain out there who hates us

Carl wounded and hiding in a guard shack, Gale face down in the grass, bleeding, and one guard dying on the sidewalk while the police surrounded the area and forced people to stand down. The remaining guards reluctantly surrendered their weapons and the police moved in, took everyone’s guns and started gathering statements. Stg Hawkes was ordering people loaded into cars, and paramedics were gathering Carl and Gale to take into medical custody. Carl stunned one of the paramedics and the cops stunned him back, knocking him out and loading him into the ambulance with Gale. The Capt did what she could to explain that the wounded had a better chance with Hart than the local hospital when Ivy tugged on her sleeve, pointed to the sky and quietly said “Wells is here.”

Week 70 - Crossfire
I said "Stop him!" not "Kill him!"

Overnight, Hy received a note from Orchid, indicating that her group had intercepted a transaction about a group of mercenaries being sent to attack the compound on Faraday, to take Ivy and kill everyone else. They were a rather (in)famous group (Macon’s Marauders) that used high-end gear, drop ships, etc and were used for hostile incursions. According to her data, the team had 24 hours before the mercenaries arrived. Hy took this directly to the Capt.

Week 69 - Abigail
It's not paranoia if they really are out to get me

While the crew was focused on lasers, Ivy noticed Abi lurking around outside. Carl and Hy headed out to collect Abi and bring her in. She explained she came to rescue Brian, and Brian explained that he was not a prisoner. Abi suggested that was because he was brainwashed and it became clear that Abi was not firing on all cylinders. However, when the Capt heard that she was a metallurgist, she asked Trevor to vet her and he spent the day researching Abigail to determine her background and risk level.

Week 68 - Lasers
Of course they're doing evil things in there, why do you think they have a fence?

On the crew’s second evening on Verbeena, the Capt decided to add some culture to the crew and they all (including Conner, Al, and Kurt) head out to a symphony, and to a fancy dinner afterwards, and miraculously no one is shot and no furniture is broken. When the crew returns to the ship, Mikki and Kurt become engrossed in a conversation about Trainwreck (Kurt did not know that Mikki was indeed “Reaver Chick!”), so Mikki takes him back to engineering to show off her collection of music and memorabilia.

Week 67 - Arrested
No, we are not nuking the battleship while we are still inside it!

Surrounded by CiW warships, the Capt locked in a cabin on one of the corvettes, the Hephaestus was escorted to Beaumonde. As they got closer, they were joined by a wing of fighters and guided to the battleship ANS Intimidator, the flagship of Admiral Barris, commander of the Rim fleet. The Hephaestus was tractored into massive hanger and land locked into place. The Capt was escorted off the Crazy Horse by shuttle to the Intimidator while 4 marines came aboard the Hephaestus, 2 at the airlock and 2 at the bridge.

Week 66 - Bugs
What if they don't show up on IR at all?

In the deepest black, in the guts of an ancient space hulk, the crew debarked their shuttle and began walking deeper into the tunnels, following a pale blue light. When they reached the end of the “pipe”, they found themselves on a ledge above a huge cavern that extended as far as the eye could see. Roughly 5m below them was a “field” of blue light, covering a floor of mist.

Week 65 - Hulk
Oh look, a giant, black, ancient space wreck. Let's explore it! What's the worst that can happen?

The crew met regularly with Commodore (formerly Capt) Rainier to help with the cleanup effort. In return, he arranged for their medical supplies to be returned to them and the following day it was all loaded into the ship. The Capt gave her farewells to Meridian and they lifted off for Haven with a pair of Alliance corvettes for an escort.


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