Serenity RPG

Week 13 - Guns, guns, guns
Gale's leaving? Don't split the party, we'll all die!!!

The crew decided that, since the ship was well know and targeted by the Tong, and the new one was not, that Gale would take the Icarus to the last leg of the map trip, take a sighting from there, and return to Ita. This would give them the last coordinates without risking the ire of the Tong. Gale took off in the smaller ship, to return in a few weeks, leaving Mikki to pilot the Not For Hire…her skills were basic, but she could fly the ship well enough, as long as the crew’s requirements were simple.

Week 12 - Mitchell
Alliance and Constables and Mitchell, Oh My!

The crew spent a week on Sturges, socializing and selling grease, turning a tidy profit. Hart spent a great deal of time among the bikers as a Shepherd and medic, healing the bodies and souls of their various sins. Shylock received a note from the family that something had triggered one of his flags. An engineer, looking into things he was asking about, had requested help from the family and was currently in hiding on Beaumonde with a hacker friend of his. No Alliance warrants, just a long string of very unlikely “bad luck”…the guy was hunted and no one knew by whom. Shylock searched about and found a grain haul from Hera to Hastur, giving them a reason to be near Beaumonde and the crew headed out to Hera.

Week 11 - Admiral Foofybear
What do you mean you "suppressed her life signs"?!

With their escort of the Alliance Cruiser ANS Corega and her 4 gunships, under the watchful eye of Capt Stevens, the Not For Hire made her way to Athens to be refueled. During the trip, the crew noticed that Ivy was walking around the ship wearing a tinfoil hat.

Week 10 - Ita. Again.
Captain, any chance you'd flash Owens some décolletage? We could use the discount.

The Not For Hire floated in space, it’s dorsal airlock missing (again) along with a good portion of the hull around it. Butch lay in sick bay, his leg braced and broken in multiple places. Mikki was on the outside of the ship, trying to patch the holes while Markus and Gale worked to re-run electronics and avionics cables to the bridge to give the ship navigation again. The crew worked for several hours restoring the ship to some semblance of functionality, and finally got the NFH fixed enough that Gale could fly her.

Week 9 - RIP Lucky Break
Why are people jumping out of our cargo and shooting us? Again?

The Not For Hire approached Ita proper and established an orbit, and Gale awaited to be hailed by the planet. After a few moments of not being hailed, he hailed them, only to receive the response “whaddya want?” Not being a commercial hub and privately run, Ita did not receive a lot of visitors and treated each with more than a little disdain. After a bit of convincing, the NFH entered Ita’s stormy and chaotic atmosphere and settled down onto the only landing pad at the colony.

Week 8 - The Tongs
Where Markus wins a man, and steals a Buddha, not necessarily in that order

When we last left our heroes, the Not For Hire (aka the Lucky Break) was making its way to Gonghe with a load of expensive wine. The trip was uneventful, though the orbital inspection was a bit colourful as Gayle seemed to have issues with the Alliance inspector, who drug his feet in response. There were concerns about security when on Gonghe as they were known to be heading here, so the crew was on high alert.

Week 7 - Shan Yu
I told you to cut the red wire, not the blue wire!

Following the debris trail and adjusting the headings based upon Marcus’ calculations, the Break found the derelict 9 days out of Whittier. From a 100m standoff position, the crew hit their lights and examined what they had found.

Weeek 6 - Ivy
She's just a little girl. How much trouble could she be?

En route to Ita, Marcus took the time to do a thorough search of the ship, knowing the kind of “presents” the Alliance likes to leave behind when they do an “inspection”, and they did not disappoint. Right where he expected to find it, there was a kill switch on the main power conduits which would allow the Navy to detonate the conduit and disable the ship remotely, should they need to pursue it. He easily removed it and set it aside, for future mischievous use.

Week 5 - Bhima
Captain, I don't feel so good...

We began this session in space, headed to Constance, orbiting Kalidasa, with a hold full of cheap consumer goods (affectionately referred to as tiny umbrellas) and 8 large crates of dubious origin and content. Regarding the crates, Capt Buckingham asked Hart’s opinion about them as she noticed he seemed concerned at them being loaded. Hart explained that each crate was worth 250k each, minimum, and the contents could be priceless, and that no one travelled with those type of crates on a ship like this unless they didn’t want their movement tracked.

Week 4 - Salisbury
Hold a grudge? Why, whatever do you mean?

At the start of our adventure, it was early evening on the ocean planet of Rambha. Bob and Pat were sleeping off the prior evenings excesses in their cabin, Hart and Henry were still not to be found, Capt Buckingham was lounging around the ship, basking in the glow of her evening’s conquests, Shylock was working the ‘tex, trying to drum up business, Mikki was making repairs and Gale was loitering about the ship. The young-and-overwhelmingly-smitten Mr Andrew von Stevens arrived in the early evening with a bouquet of flowers, a box of candy, and a rather attractive engagement ring. He stood at the entrance of the docks and awaited the attention of his hopefully- betrothed.


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