Serenity RPG

Week 22a - Home Again
Mikki, pull yourself together. Here, let me help.

Some interim activity before our next session…

Week 22 - Prophecy fulfilled
We have a new ship! We have a new ship! We have a new ship!

Wandering around Beylix, the used shipyard of the ’Verse, Gale, Carlton and Ivy followed the Capt around as she “window shopped” the yard. The lot owner, Tanner McLeod, expansively showed them around his inventory, oozing charm and sincerity, asking the Capt questions about her crew and ship and the types of runs that the crew did, idle chit chat while pointing out this ship or that.

Week 21 - Parts is parts
What do you mean you lost my shuttle? Again?

Our intrepid crew begins this episode bolting across Santo in their mule, Markus clutching irritatedly at his giant check while the Capt calls to Carlton to heat the engines up. As soon as the mule pulled in, Gale sprinted up to the bridge and hit the switches, firing the ship off into the sky. As they cleared atmo, around the farside of Santo on the horizon, the crew saw 2 Blue Sun cruisers, settling into parking orbits while shuttles detached and went planetward. Gale set a course for Salisbury and the ship jetted off into the black.

Week 20 - Victory....sorta
Where Markus finds that 3 Queens is not always a winning hand

Opening credits roll on a Santo sunset, one of the better terraformed planets in the ’Verse, with a wide temperate ring, golden sandy beaches and pleasant weather. Santo is a resort paradise which has grown into the most corrupt and debauched planet in the ’Verse, a place where any sin or vice can be satisfied with the right price and no questions asked.

Week 19 - Healing
What do you mean we're harmless?!

Still on New Omaha, the crew was still recovering from their Reaver encounter. Gale was unconscious, his arm and leg braced, was sleeping in his bunk. Butch, Markus, and the Capt, their wounds stitched and bandaged, were resting in their respective quarters. Hart had bagged Mikki in cryo and, after patching up the crew, was in town, helping the Doc with her wounded in town. Shylock sat in his cabin plotting horrible revenge against Magistrate Simmons of New Omaha, hiring “convincers” to show up and explain his position vehemently in order to either get repayment for the “stolen” ship or punish the magistrate for his audacity.

Week 18 - Reavers
He's not landing, he's CRASHING!

The crew of the Snake eyes began this week on their asteroid, along with their six hired helpers from Blackwood. A week was spent making the rock habitable, cleaning out the bodies, refreshing the larders and sickbay, hanging decorations, etc. Brian’s equipment was offloaded and he claimed a large chamber for his work, setting up his terraforming gear and turning it into his emissions laboratory (he’d always wanted a lab of his own).

Week 17 - Marketplace
That whistling? It's just a little leak.

Evening on Haven, the crew relaxed around a fire, swapped stories with the locals while Shylock chatted business with the local foremen. Markus partook of the celebration but did not do any gambling on Haven, and Ivy roamed about with her implant off, running around and playing with the local kids. After a couple of days of doing business and loading ore, the crew packed up and took off.

Week 16 - Haven
Be it ever so humble

This episode began with the crew huddled in their newly-leased “hideout”, trying decide what to do next, with their faces all over the news, when a knock came to the door. Butch glanced out the front door and spotted a long, black limousine parked out front and two large fellows in suits at the door. Shylock stepped out the backdoor and found two similarly dressed gentlemen at the back door. They explained that they had been sent to collect the crew as someone wished to chat with them. The crew reluctantly agreed and piled into the luxurious vehicle. The suited gentlemen climbed into the front and the vehicle pulled away.

Week 15 - Terrorists
But Captain, we only blew up the hospital a little bit!

We began this week’s episode with the crew loitering on Sin, awaiting the arrival of Shylock’s mule and seeds. Wanting to make the best of the time, the crew went about various duties. The Capt spent her time shopping for comforts for the asteroid and playing with Ivy at the waterpark. Markus did some shopping for tools to help detect and disarm traps in the asteroid. Shylock did a little carousing but didn’t have much luck, and also got an implant from Hart. Mikki went out both nights to “play”, returning worse for wear each morning.

Week 14 - Sin
How much for just the seeds?

The crew returned to Ita to meet Gale, who docked the Icarus into Owen’s yard and returned to the Not For Hire. He and Markus inputted the new data into his map analysis and the final nav point seems to be in the Uroborus asteroid field, and their calculations gave them a good idea where it might be in that large area. While the crew discussed possible hideouts to base the drug operation from, Hart recommended the old slaver asteroid. There was some concern that the slavers would still be there but Hart assured them that it was unlikely, he plagued them before they left, as a “gift” for their hospitality. Not only are the original slavers not there, it’s highly unlikely anyone else would go once they found out.


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