Serenity RPG

Week 48 - Internment
Hart, Mikki, and Ivy got captured. I bet no one saw that coming.

The crew sat around Carl’s Mom’s breakfast table, planning, but after awhile it became clear that, without some reconnaissance, no real planning could be done. Carl, Vermin, and Trevor headed out into town to look around and get a clear idea of what they were facing. They wandered to the Blue Sun primary compound just outside of town and walked through the adjacent streets, looking it over.

Week 47 - Infiltration
We're not flying. We're falling, with style.

In the black, out on the rim, passing through the Zeus system, Ivy sensed a large number of people on the gas giant. She said as much to Gale, who scoffed that it wasn’t possible, and after some discussion it was determined that it must be a very large fleet hiding in the sensor shadow of the massive giant. Vermin asked Ivy questions and jotted down notes about it but they did not change course or react to it, not wanting to draw undue attention to themselves.

Week 46 - Disguised
What do you mean the lights are off again? I just FIXED that thing!

The Hephaestus sat in the giant hanger bay of the CiW battleship Intimidator and the crew recovered from a party of epic proportions. Claire politely escorted hungover crewmen who’d fallen asleep in the lounge and saw to the cleanup when the doorbell chimed. She walked to the front of the ship and found Adm Barris standing there, requesting to speak to the Capt. Claire smiled and told him to come back in a few hours as the Capt was “indisposed” and unlikely to be “disposed” until at least noon. He frowned, nodded and walked away.

Week 45 - Rescue
It was only going to be a 3 hour tour!

As the Hephaestus headed “north” of the ecliptic to determine the status of the actives there, Valis intercepted a broadwave transmission that (presumably) was sent from the frigate hunting them that said "Attention all BSC and Alliance vessels operating in the Kalidasa sector: The ship Hephaestus, Prophecy Class, designation Z7532-D, is to apprehended at all costs. The crew is to be detained without serious injury if possible, but apprehension is of greater importance than their well being. They are armed and extremely dangerous terrorists, spies of the CiW, and classified as a BSC-TL1 threat. Please report all sightings/engagements with this vessel to Kalidasa Command immediately. They were last seen entering Kalidasa system from 90 degrees spinward of Penglai, headed in-system.”

Week 44 - Vaccine
Blue Sun sure is making me sick.

Gale and Ivy got both ships heading to Faraday and, while Gale wanted to send comms to the Capt, Hart recommended against broadcasting this across the ’Verse as there were likely people who would want to prevent the crew from solving the problem. Ivy chimed in that she had a solution, gave Carl the stick, sat on the floor, and concentrated. She pushed as hard as she could and sent her thoughts towards Trace (she wanted to send to her Mom, but Mom often wears a hat while Trace never does).

Week 43 - Addiction
I'm not addicted. I can quit anytime I want.

The Starshine’s Journey – Part II
Vermin finished the repairs on Persephone (they charged an arm and a leg, 3x the normal cost because parts were scarce), and they limped out of the stardock barely atmo-worthy. They made it the rest of the way to Valentine without issue, though they were hailed once or twice by cautious Alliance patrols, where they saw a LOT of ship activity. It seemed to Vermin that the Alliance was moving what was left of the Navy to the Halo. With limited sensors, Vermin was only able to pull together a little bit of intel, because the military ships stayed at max sensor range so nothing revolutionary or unusual was available.

Week 42 - Lifespan
The candle that burns twice as hot lasts half as long.

Mid-morning on Jiangyin, the doorbell rang on the Hephaestus. At the same time, Trace and Ivy both turned to face the front of the ship (the crew being in the lounge, enjoying breakfast) and said that there were 3 actives at the nose of the ship, one of which was a very powerful pusher, and that they had “announced” their presence to the other actives on the ship. The Capt, Carl, Trace, and Ivy headed that way and found three men standing in front of the ship. Two of them were dressed in dark clothing and wearing sidearms, the other was tall, lean, and dressed in professional (expensively tailored to the Capt’s eye) robes with short graying hair and trimmed beard. He introduced himself as Administrator Wells, attaché to Adm Xercis, and asked if he could come aboard and speak to the Capt.

Week 41 - Ladies Night
Where Carl gets his foot in the door, needs a hand up, and other horrible limb puns.

After making sure the construction was under way and that at least the initial design work was completed, the crew made ready to head out. The engineers rigged the Starshine and Acorn to not be flyable without a great deal of work (by someone who didn’t know the ships well), then locked and secured them and the Hephaestus shuddered into the black on the 2.5 day trip to Jiangin.

Week 40 - Faraday
Where hodown is not just a depressed Companion

Nestled among the CiW flotilla, the Capt had a tender to use at her disposal, travelling back and forth between the Hephaestus and the Ironhorse, taking her evenings with Adm Monroe. After a night of having to travel back and forth, the Capt simply had the Hephaestus docked directly so she could have easier access. Carl wandered the enlisted areas, looking for grilled cheese partners, and Vermin spent his time with his old friend, on the battleship.

Week 39 - Exuperians
Crease Hem Stew? Warmest Cheese? What the heck is he saying?

Making their way across the black, en route to finding the CiW forces and Adm Monroe, the crew sat in the lounge and argued anagrams. Between Gale and Valis, they had collected a number of Trace’s random utterings and the “great minds” of the crew, being Brian, Vermin, Carl and Gale, sat around rearranging letters and phrases, trying to break the code to unlock Trace’s self-locked brain. Ivy and Odette would meander about now and again but neither found the game interesting. Carl and Vermin would shuttle over once a day (Ivy shuttling across to cover for them, sometimes taking Odette with her for some “girl” time) for meals and wordsmithing, then back to the Starshine to keep it on course behind the Hephaestus. During the long idle time in the journey, Carl was teaching himself guitar, much to Vermin’s misery.


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