Serenity RPG

Week 3 - Our friend, Maximillian
We didn't steal it, we found it!

Capt Lindsey Buckingham (Lyrette’s new and recently hardened ID) made the call to at least investigate the Reaver treasure, given that she’d taken a bullet to learn about. Two cry babies and some white-knuckled piloting later, the Lucky Break bumped up against the cargo ship and the crew started flinging random goods into the hold.

Week 2 - One man's garbage
Treasure? Did he say Treasure?

You’re in the black, having dodged a Reaver ambush that only cost you your dorsal airlock, assembly (them things ain’t cheap).

Week 1 - In the Beginning
Where are we and why are we wearing collars?

It’s funny how a short jaunt through the Black can go so wrong, so fast. Working/riding on some passenger freighter one moment, wake up in a cell the next. The crew found themselves in stony cells with cold floors and recycled air that tasted like it was an asteroid mine. The 4th wall was bars and they weren’t alone. Shylock and Gale found themselves locked in a cell with an older man wearing a patch, and Lindsay was alone in the cell across the way, and they all had odd collars around their necks.


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