Serenity RPG

Week 30 - Mind Games
I really wish she'd stop trying to stab me.

Flying through the black, on the long, circuitous route to Hera, Hart called a lunch conference with the ships experts to discuss a project he’d like their assistance on, bribing them with pastries and all variety of wonderful victuals. He had had Abe download the design specifications for the image scanner on Ariel (publicly funded, university hospital owned, so the specs were public domain) and submitted them to Vermin, Brian, Abe, Asaa, Markus, and Mikki to look over and see if there was a way to make one smaller and possibly as-or-more effective. Hart kept the coffee coming and the group brainstormed for quite some time, trimming unnecessary things here and making power enhancements there and came up with a design that not only was significantly smaller and less expensive, it was marginally more accurate and versatile. Vermin put together the draft of the bill of materials as they broke up and Abe left to begin working code modification ideas.

Week 29 - Alice
We're not schizophrenic and neither are we

Gale and Carl wandered the streets of Persephone, following Gale’s three-pronged attack. He started with the smugglers, spinning a tale of “Romeo and the Parliament Member’s Daughter”, about a man and a young woman, the daughter of a Parliament official, who were in love and the father forbades it, so they were trying to flee the planet. Gale, being a hopeless romantic, spread the word that he would love to carry them off planet if anyone heard of someone like that looking for passage. The second story was to the beggars, a variation on the true story of a mother whose daughter was taken from her and she’d been searching for years. The last tale was to the whores in the cheapest parts of town, telling the tale of some horrible man who was looking for a 13 year old girl to do horrible things to with livestock accessories that he was trying to rescue.

Week 28 - Lost
Are you out of your mind?

Sitting on Aberdeen, Abe was enjoying his coffee and working on a problem when Asaa politely queried him, asking his assistance on a problem with a site she was unable to enter. The two of them examined it, Asaa obviously frustrated by her failure to get in when Abe finally figured out that it was an AHI system, an Anti-Heuristic Intuitive security system, something he’d been hearing about in the experimental security space for awhile that could detect if a computer was attempting to intrude and change the security on the fly to thwart it. Abe took a more random, human approach and after a few hours managed to break into it. Once in, Asaa took the screen and thanked him, telling him it was a secret. He did not pursue it and went back to his problem.

Week 27 - Mayhem
"I really wish we would have sucked his brains."

As the Hephaestus hit the Hastur perimeter, they were hailed by Alliance ships and boarded for a standard inspection, noticing that there were quite a few Alliance ships in the area. Upon being boarded, they produced their “coupon” for missiles, which created some confusion. The inspection went without issue and the ship continued on to land on Beaumonde. On planet, Abe, Vermin and Carl headed out to acquire the missiles and new sensors while Ivy, Gale, the Captain went out in search of Miles. Hart slipped out to do some shopping and the rest of the crew remained aboard. Mikki puttered around in engineering, slowly getting her strength back, acquainting herself with the new ship. She lay on the floor in engineering for hours, simply “listening” to her.

Week 26 - War
Huh, good God! What is it good for? Absolutely nuthin!

The Hephaestus changed course and headed towards the distress signal while the crew gathered and discussed various security options. Hart prepared the infirmary and notified the Capt that it was Alliance protocol to commandeer civilian vessels in time of war or emergency so she should be prepared for such a contingency. Much discussion was given to shooting the ship or ignoring the signal, but in the end the Hephaestus pulled up alongside the spiraling hulk and Gale rather skillfully matched its 2-axis spin, while avoiding the plasma trails, and docked with it.

Week 25b - Rescue?
But you're the only ship in the quadrant!

En route to Sin, taking the long route around and avoiding vessels, Asaa chimes in on the bridge. “Marcus? I am picking up a distress signal.”

Week 25a - Interim
Things you know but don't necessarily know

For those of you with former Navy careers (you know who you are), and those who were involved with (or know a bit about) the prior war for Independence, there are things you would know from your background, such as “there’s no way any ‘rebel’ group could have frigates, much less enough of them to be a threat to the Alliance”. The war was fought on the ground, the Independents were rebels and guerillas, they hid among the population and fought to free people. There was one major space battle in the war, and it was fought between Alliance capital ships and 100’s of modified freighters. The Independents did not have capital ships.

Week 25 - It's time to get pretty!
"What do you mean you can't open the pod bay door, Asaa?!"

Sitting in the Motherlode, stopped among the rocks while an unseen asteroid had a weapon lock on the ship was how we began this episode. A great deal of discussion occurred about whether or not they should go forward or turn back. The general consensus was one of “if they were going to shoot us, we’d already be shot” and the Hephaestus slowly began moving again. After a bit, Markus was able to isolate the lock, coming from a small buoy in the field, and Ivy EMP’d it away. The lock vanished and Gale piloted the ship towards whatever was spoofing the sensors. The closer they got, the more unreliable the sensors became, and by the time the rock came into view (roughly 2km in diameter), they were unable to detect anything.

Week 24 - Rock Stars!
Where Mikki's dreams come true, and she only had to die for it to happen.

The run to the core was a long one, 9 days in the deep black. As the Hephaestus travelled through the darkness, Gale received a mail that had been dropped off at one of his dirt-side boxes. It was a video message from a young boy, perhaps 12, who addressed him as Mr Gale. Apparently the young lad’s mother, who he said was a former Capt of Gale’s, had found herself in a bit of trouble. Accused of smuggling (which the lad insists was untrue, though Gale knew better), the woman had been rail roaded through the legal system and deposited onto the hellhole known as Di Yu, the Alliance penitentiary, for life. The boy’s name was Miles and the mother’s was Elizabeth “Betsy” Martin. The boy was on Beaumonde, hoping to hear from “Mr Gale”.

Week 23 - Sometimes there are just not enough rocks
Apparently Hart is better than "all the kings horses and men"

The crew began their day on their slaver asteroid. The EMP was mounted, 500 tons of supplies were loaded up to carry to Blackwood, Brian was aboard to help configure the new ship’s power systems, Mikki was being worked on, and the Blackwood boys were loaded back on for their trip home. The fleet pulled out, with the Hephaestus flying point and the Starshine trailed along behind with Carl and Carlton aboard.


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