Serenity RPG

Week 38 - Oppression
Work 14 hours and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt.

Deep in the black, safe from the core, and carrying a boatload of pioneers and colonists, the Hephaestus made its way to the frontier, by the most backwoods path possible. The Capt, Odette, and Ivy went to the infirmary and with Hart’s help woke up Trace. Hart gave him a mild anti-psychotic and they gently brought him up to speed on what went on during his slumber. With Markus and Abe gone, Carl stepped up to handle comms and Valis volunteered to take over the computing chores.

Week 37 - Roxy
Take their office supplies. All of them.

On Epuava, with Hart, Clair and Hyacinth having taken a shuttle to Osiris, the crew settled in for the 3-4 day wait. Given unusual length of a stay on a core world, several of the crew went out and about on the planet. Mikki went hunting for new bands, clubs and music. Markus went out gambling, doing extraordinarily well, and Carl went out clubbing, stopping by the local (very upscale) Blue Mart on the way, and ending up at the lowest-end bar he could find, which still turned out to be pretty upscale. While he was there, he spotted an extremely attractive woman “checking him out”.

Week 36 - No Ticket
What do you mean they're gone? They couldn't just get up and walk away!

Off into the black, taking the long way around between Ithaca and Persephone, the Hephaestus slid through the starry sky, bearing the fullest passenger load it had ever carried, more than double the “recommended” capacity. The lounge passengers mostly kept to themselves and the “coach” ones came to the lounge for meals/baths but otherwise stayed in the cargo bay. Asaa had a quiet (very very quiet) conversation with Abe regarding her name, explaining that, because Asaa is her project name, anyone hearing a crew member refer to her that way that understood the project would instantly know who she was, so she wanted to be called something else. After some discussion, they agreed upon Valis, and Abe notified the crew.

Week 35 - Guests
I've always relied upon the kindness of strangers

Before the ship touched down the crew met and discussed the large list of potential passengers. It was agreed upon that they would shift people forward (Clair would bunk with the Capt) and free up all the cabins, then put them up for bid (no sense in taking list price in such a seller’s market for a limited resource). Markus sent out info on the two types of cabins being offered, with pictures of the luxury cabins being shown off by a pair of Companions and the “coach” cabins being shown by Carl as cots in the cargo hold. There was more than a little bickering by the brokers at how exorbitant the prices were but after a couple were hung up on outright the rest changed their tunes and all of the berths were purchased. The 11 cabins were rented at the price of 36 of them, and the 15 coach “berths” went for the price the cabins normally go for. Additionally, 2 of the bounties were also scheduled to take lower berths, and Carl made arrangements with Hart for their “lodging”. The Capt scheduled the passengers’ arrivals so they could properly prepare the ship for them.

Week 34 - Confederation
The return of Admiral Foofy Bear

The Hephaestus shook and shuddered through the Highgate atmosphere, the patches in the hole tearing free and the docking bay filling with fire, scorching the floor and ceiling, burning out lasers and blackening the walls. Once they’d touched down, the engineers began gathering what they needed to repair the hole and Carl went out to find day laborers to help in cleaning the hold up. Repairs were going to take the better part of a week, which was fine as Odette’s recovery would take at least that long.

Week 33a - Shan Yu's Legacy
Sometimes the past is best left behind you.

The Hephaestus lifted off into the black, rattling out of Highgate’s atmosphere and headed out to Uroborus. Later that day, Markus received a message from the Capt indicating he should turn around and bring Ivy back, but the crew feigned radio problems and continued on their way. Arriving at the field, they began hunting around, trying to find Shan Yu’s asteroid, which took roughly two days of scanning and searching to discover. While they searched they fed the translated journal to Asaa to give her some background in being able to translate the language. Validating the rock against the Alliance database, it was not categorized, nor was this entire section of the field, though the floating debris field of destroyed ships may have been some indication as to why.

Week 33 - Reconstitution
We're just going to run some errands. What's the worst that could happen?

Deciding that they didn’t want to stay near the warfront more than they absolutely needed to, the Hephaestus made for Persephone, dodging patrols through the Halo, unloaded the ore, bought supplies (both provisions and a few 100 tons of medical/consumer goods for their frontier runs) and lifted off again for the black after only a couple of days. Hart, Trace, and the Capt discussed Alice’s surgery and Hart’s request was that they do the surgery in a planet-side installation as there were entirely too many things that could go wrong and jar him while in space. After some consideration, it was decided that, once back on the frontier, they’d land on Highgate, offload Alice and the necessary gear and do the operation at the lakeside villa.

Week 32 - Nightmares
"We have a Dr, that means I can stab you whenever I want."

While Trace was reclining under an awning at the back of the house, keeping an eye on Alice, the girls were playing some variety of tag, running around energetically and squealing, when suddenly Alice’s scream changes from gleeful to animal and as Trace turns he sees Alice stabbing Ivy and the smaller girl falling to the ground bleeding, pull out a stunner and drop Alice to the grass. Trace called for help and the Capt, Gale, and Clair came running out to see Ivy walking in holding her bloody shoulder and Alice face-planted in the grass. The Capt fussed over Ivy who waved her away, dismissing it as “just a stab”. Gale picked up Alice and took her to bed, with Trace wheeling after them and Hart cleaned and bandaged Ivy’s wound.

Week 31 - Swapmeet
The crew will always expand to fill all available space

Still on Hera, the crew cooled their heels for another day waiting for the grain to be delivered, spending their time in domestic duties, with Vermin/Brian working on the MRI, Abe/Asaa working on the coding for the MRI, and Clair playing hostess and innkeeper to the ship’s newest “passengers”. The Capt and Javier went out on the town to shop and buy things for each other then went to a fancy restaurant to enjoy the ambiance, Carl went out to find his Hooter’s girl, and Markus went out for a night of gambling, doing relatively well if not stellar. Everyone rolled back into the ship during the evening or early morning but Carl, who didn’t make it back until the middle of the next day.

Week 30a - News Break
And here with the latest report from the front...

While on Hera, Abe and Asaa manage to collect a number of newsfeeds to put together a picture of the current state of the ’Verse.


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