Vanessa Damascus

Markus' Love/Hate Interest


Vanessa is of average height and build, 5’3" and 125-ish pounds. She has dark blonde hair, very curly and usually up, though a few curls always escape and she plays with them while gambling to provide obvious tells to manipulate her marks.

She dresses very conservatively, showing very little skin, and her clothes are expensive and tasteful. She always smiles and feels that life is a game that she won at birth and the rest is just a victory lap to enjoy. The only time she doesn’t smile is when she’s playing a truly worthy opponent, and all casual humour vanishes, revealing a shrewd, intelligent, ruthless gambler who is out to win.


Her father is a Parliament member on the commitee for finance oversight. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and has never wanted for anything. Unlike many others, she is fully aware of her advantage and does not flaunt it. Her father stopped paying her expenses when she was 16 because her income from gambling was higher than his. He does not approve of her “lifestyle”, so she does what she can to be a good girl in every other respect but the gambling.

She is an extremely gracious loser (because she doesn’t lose often), though rumor has it that she can be very unpleasant if the winner cheated. There’s a story (she denies vehemently) about her paying 250k for to a mercenary to beat a cheater 99% to death and leave her card on his broken body. She will insist it’s purely myth, but people tend to not cheat when playing her.

Vanessa Damascus

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