Odette "Alice" Coffey

Lyrette's fractured daughter


Odette is 14 years old, with short-cropped pale strawberry blonde hair and bright green eyes. She is slender (though getting healthier) with elegant features, though her mannerisms are random and rarely elegant.

She is fractured due to experiments done to her during her incarceration with Blue Sun. She is currently housing 5 full personalities, 1 composite one, and 50+ ghosts/remnants of other people.

1. Odette is the core personality, the actual person in the body that the other personalities are shielding from the abominations that have been done to her. Only when things are safe can she surface.
2. Alice is a composite personality, named by Blue Sun (they referred to her as subject Alice), that the various transient personalities joined and left as harvested. It is the default personality and her actions are often “voted” on by the others.
3. Ruth is a 66 year old woman, a low-power watcher who seems to be the wisest and most knowledgable. She is also the one that was “aware” during most of the things that were done to Odette, as she’s been there the longest and seen the most.
4. Gabe is a 16 year old boy, a low-powered mover, an urchin picked off the streets of Beaumonde, a survivor who is the default need-based personality when a threat arises. He hides knives, steals food, and stabs before he thinks, though not well skilled. He was abused as a child and on the street and is the most recent addition to Alice (in the last few months) so is the least stable, personality-wise.
5. Savannah is a 31 year old street walker, a low-powered pusher from a rim world (she doesn’t remember) who is the 2nd oldest in Alice (after Ruth). She is hooked on a psychological hallucenigen called Ruby Star, a cheap street drug with a high mortality rate, often used by pimps to control their “product”. Her first reaction when threatened is to offer her body, and Ruth is consistently trying to keep her leashed because she doesn’t realize she’s in a 14 year old girl.
6. Marie is a 12 year old girl from Sihnon, a hyper kinetic child who was added just before Gabe and still has no grasp of where she is or what has happened to her. She’s a medium power burner who had no control over her powers before she was “transplanted” and even less so now. She was picked up for an accidental arson by the local authorities, snagged by Blue Sun, bagged and drugged and hasn’t had a coherent thought or experience since. She has no grasp of who she is, where she is, or what has happened to her.
7. The remaining personalities are shadows, ghosts of people who were implanted and then harvested but left remnants behind. No sense of identity, just reflections lingering in their wake.

Odette’s birthday is 2/17/04


Odette "Alice" Coffey

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