Butch Sinclair

Bodyguard and soldier of fortune


Butch’s known skills:
Firearm (Pistol)
Firearm (Assault)
Martial Arts
Pilot (Shuttle)

Skills he’s known not to have:
Pilot (Ship)


Butch is the standard jarhead marine, tall at 6’4", broad chested, his grey hair cut in a flat-top, his chin covered in permanent gristle, scars on his face and hands to indicate a life of combat. His eyes are brown under his bushy grey brows and his nose has been broken enough times to make it’s original shape indeterminate. He is perpetually clothed in jeans or camos, with a marine jacket that has corporal rank sewn on it, a bullet hole in the left pocket, and the name “Cortez” stitched on the pocket.

He is quite fond of his weapons, though not enough to name them, and often takes up a good portion of the common room laying them out to clean them, showing folks who ask how they work, giving lessons on guns and gun safety, etc. Having spent years as a DI, he understands the basics of instruction, though he certainly doesn’t treat the crew as boots.

Little is known of his past, beyond what’s on paper. Never married, joined the marines at 18, became a commando at 20, served for 20 years and was on the ground for every military action in the alliance, including being at Serenity Valley, as many reprimands as he has decorations. After retirement he filled in his time as a bodyguard, refusing enforcement work, and has been travelling and taking on odd jobs ever since.

He is currently in the employ of Shylock Lindenhall.

Butch Sinclair

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