Serenity RPG

Week 88 - Proposals, part deux

Something old, something new...

On the two week journey to Meadow from the Frontier, Sasha approached the Captain and asked her about solar ships. Solar ships were actually an older technology for the verse, used widely when humanity first arrived, by impractical in many ways. The ships were very delicate, very hard to maintain, and while a bit faster than conventional pulse drives going away from a stellar mass, they were significantly slower going towards one and operated very poor inside planetary gravity wells. They were eventually mothballed in favor of more conventional shipping.

Sasha had been doing research and had formulated a plan. The Captain called the crew together and Sasha presented it to them. Her idea was to acquire (or build) a solar ship and her and Rawn to sail out to their Ark. She submitted to the crew that there was no real life for her and Rawn here among the crew, nowhere they could go where they would be safe, and they’d always be a burden. Better they live out the rest of their days trying to rescue their people. Best case, they could fix the ship and get it back on course and maybe join up with their people, or at least ensure the other 50k of their friends and families could eventually do so. Worst case, they’d at least know and live out the rest of their days working on the ship, trying. It was killing them knowing that their people were floating out there, perhaps forever, with no chance of being saved. The crew discussed this at great length and decided that it sounded like a plan. The Captain and Trevor began researching how to acquire a solar ship and Hart and Sasha began working on cryo chambers and supplies for the many month trip out to where the Ark would be slowly orbiting by the time they could pull it all together.

In her research, the Captain discovered the Delores Iskellion had not one but three solar sail ship in her collection. She sent a communication to Delores, giving her an update and asking for one. Delores agreed but asked why and the Captain evaded answering, saying she’d explain later. That problem solved, they turned their attention to the survivors. The Captain also contacted Vermin and had him pack up the Faraday base, Shan Yu loot at all, and shuttle it to Meadow.

Zeke and Jose were well, if somewhat worn from wear. Zeke was concerned for Cyn (his wife) and rightfully so because Hart showed her as zero higher brain function and Ivy confirmed that there was “no one home”. Ivy even engaged Sasha to help look and the Kirann found nothing either. Hart did a number of scans and checks and determined that she must have been “plugged in” when the EMP hit (which Zeke confirmed), and the pulse was carried by her implants directly into her brain, frying her cerebrum. They promised to have Odette look at her when they arrived at Meadow and Cyn was also put on Ice. Lost for anything to do, Zeke drank and slept and Jose helped with the engines where he could. The Kirann were trotted out to meet Jose and Zek, neither of which commented or cared, which allows them to stay in their cabins and not hide in a hole.

At Meadow, the ship was hailed suspiciously but then greeted when they realized who it was. The Locksley had a rough time landing on the planet and ended up tucking a landing gear on impact, resulting in a 3 day repair job. Odette met her mother at the airlock and quickly ran to the infirmary to work with Hart on Conner, worry clear on her face. Orchid came aboard for the tour and was startled and amazed at being introduced to the Kirann. She spoke to them in rapt fascination as the Captain showed off her amazing new ship. Vermin also came aboard, along with the additional medical equipment and laser research gear that had been left on Faraday, and the Shan Yu stuff was also loaded. Vermin was introduced to the Kirann and gave no response, but when introduced to the new Valis, he had serious concerns, which he expressed to the Captain in no uncertain terms, forcing Valis to go hide her robot in Brian’s lab and keep it out of the way. Valis worked with Walt (her “son”) to help him come up to speed and work out any issues he had had since his startup.

Sasha, Rawn, Hart and Abi remained on board the ship, everyone else went “ashore” and took advantage of the bases amenities. After more than an hour cloistered in the infirmary, Odette came out looking exhausted and told her mother that he’d be fine, albeit weak for a bit while he recovers. Odette headed back to the base to sleep and the Captain ran in to be at Conner’s side. He smiled weakly at seeing her and they caught up for a bit before she kissed him and he went to sleep.

Hyacinth packed his kit and took his leave of the crew, explaining that Orchid had another assignment for him, given that the war seemed to be heating up, a point that the Captain confirmed, based upon sources she could not disclose. The following day Odette took a look at Cyn, along with Beatrice, and confirmed that, even with the damage healed, no one was home. The damage was too extreme, and even with it healed, who Cyn had been had been erased. Zeke sadly gave permission for her to be euthanized.

They also found Kurt who, apart from being a bit spacey and distracted, seemed to be in great health. He explained that his perspective took some adjusting to, and the drills that Ivy and Beatrice taught him helped him keep somewhat focused. It was still hard interacting with people, but he suspect that would always be the case. He came on board to see his father, thanked the Captain for rescuing him with a hug, then went back to the base. Ivy spent most of her time working with an older gentleman that seemed to know more about Aikido than anyone she’d ever met, a man named Li Feng, who Orchid said came with one of her Operatives, his grandfather she believed, who’d been hanging around helping around the base.

Later that day, Conner was up and eating, though not moving about, and the Captain sat there with him helping. During a quiet moment, he gazed up into her eyes and formally proposed. The Captain didn’t hesitate to answer yes and the two proceeded to celebrate in a most un-relaxing manner in the infirmary.



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