Serenity RPG

Week 87 - Agatha Wynde

I hope that one day we can become friends.

With a date on the horizon and a need to impress, the Captain went shopping, trying to find something slinky and powerful. Unfortunately, while Meridian had made many strides forward in the recent months, fashion wasn’t one of them, so all she found was calico, gingham, and plaid. Ivy and Gale both picked up new outfits, all “westerny” and local in order to better fit in, and the Captain had to make do with something from her extensive wardrobe for the occasion.

Trevor and Hyacinth went to the restaurant to infiltrate it and provide security, but due to a communications mixup, Hyacinth ended up at the wrong one, an error that took a bit to straighten out. Given the plethora of actives in the area (strong reader, pusher, and watcher on the planet and burner in orbit), Ivy insisted everyone wear hats for safety. Before the Captain came in, Gale and Grace came in “disguised” as a husband and wife, with their daughter, Ivy, and secured seating. The Captain came in afterwards and was escorted to a table with Adm Rainier already waiting. Shortly after being seated, 2 Navy “suits” entered the restaurant escorting a lovely older woman (who Ivy instantly identified as the reader) to the Adm’s table, and Adm Rainier introduced her as Agatha Wynde, Sr Consultant to the Admiralty as she helped her find her chair.

Ms Wynde smiled politely at the Captain, told her that she’d heard quite a bit about her and her crew and that she was honored to make her acquaintance. She glanced over at Ivy and smiled a nod at her as well, getting a frown in return. The Adm explained that Ms Wynde and her group were a new aspect of the fleet, Blue Sun resources (Ms Wynde, while not in uniform, did have the pins to indicate she was SpecOps for Blue Sun) assigned to each ship in order to help the fleet be more competitive in the new battleground. Amanda humbly waved that away and explained that she was simply there to help the Adm protect the Alliance’s interests, again smiling winningly at the Captain. The Captain brought up some of her encounters with Blue Sun, to which Amanda apologized for and explained at the prior administration had been criminal in its handling of the situation, which they felt directly resulted in the Alliance doing poorly vs the CiW. However, she assured the Captain that, under Administrator Stephen Jortez, the Special Operations group was focused on the well being of both the Alliance and its subjects, ESPECIALLY those who might be active. Ivy’s scoff could be heard across the room, and deciding that the “jig” was up, Gale, Grace, and Ivy came over and joined the Admiral at his table.

Getting down to business, the Captain asked about the crew of the Calypso. The Adm explained that it was very unfortunate, apparently they were flying along when they ran across a CiW expedition trying to sneak in. Unsurprisingly, the CiW ships did not believe that Conner wouldn’t call their position in, so they opened fire on him…much to their detriment, as they obviously underestimated the odd little ship’s firepower. The Calypso obliterated one of the 3 instantly and was fiercely engaged with the other 2 when one dropped a massive EMP on the Calypso, crippling it instantly. Normally EMP’s are detonated off the hull and radiate into the ship, but this one actually impacted and detonated IN the ship, breaking it in half. Fortunately, as they engaged the ships, the Calypso sent out a distress signal and a nearby picket arrived on the scene. We finished off the remaining ships and gathered what survivors we could from the wreckage. The Calypso was so much floating debris, but they managed to rescue 4 survivors, though 1 was catatonic and another was severely wounded and isn’t expected to survive the week. The Adm explained that they were not “under arrest”, only being detained until some discrepancies in their paperwork could be ironed out. The people in custody were Cyn (catatonic), Zek, Jose, and Conner (unconscious).

The Captain instantly requested permission to have Conner moved to her ship and be treated by her physician. The Adm was reluctant, assuming he had the best physicians on the planet, but the Captain was insistent and Ms Wynde agreed with the Captain, that perhaps it would be best. The Adm agreed and made a call to have Conner moved to the Locksley. The Captain hailed Hart and gave him a status update, asking him to hurry back to the ship, which he acknowledged. As the dinner was breaking up, Ms Wynde again apologized for any inconvenience that Blue Sun might have caused the Captain and her crew and asked that she be given the opportunity show their good faith in the future. The expression on Ivy’s face spoke volumes, but she said nothing and the party broke up.

As the crew returns to the Locksley, they meet Conner being brought in on a pallet and Hart hurrying in from town. Hart takes the pallet and dismisses the Naval physicians who reluctantly leave their charge with the Shepherd. Hart takes him to the infirmary and begins doing his analysis, but tells the Capt point blank that he’s in bad shape. He might be able to operate, but there’s no guarantee that he’d be successful and even if he was, there’s no guarantee Conner would recover. His recommendation is to put Conner on ice and get him to Odette ASAP. The Captain agrees and Hart puts Conner in a box to be kept safe.

The following morning, the Captain storms into the Naval base and in a flurry of legal paperwork that startles and stuns everyone in her path, she arranges for the release of the other 3, having them remanded into her custody. Given they weren’t truly under arrest, and the fact that Ms Wynde seemed to be helping the process along, it took less than half a day to complete the process and have them on the Locksley. When the last one stepped on board, the door was shut and the Locksley leapt into space, speeding towards Meadow.



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