Serenity RPG

Week 81 - Eggs

We got'em! Oh crap, here they come!

Most of the first day was spent rebuilding the drone network inside the hulk while going over probe footage and debating which thing was what. They found an area of tanks and vats that appeared to be damaged and all of the lights on the tanks (and the corresponding panels in the control rooms) were black. The nature of the damage was not clear, but it was obvious that the tanks and vats contents were damaged in some way.

After trying to push buttons and lights with the drones, Ivy suggested that, like everything else, maybe it took an active, and tentatively volunteered to suit up and go in to press things. Pretty much the entire crew vetoed this idea, Hart most vehemently, so other options were tossed around. The one option that remained on the table was stealing an egg or two to examine before the ship permanently went beyond the realistic range to return to. The crew realized that this was their last time to be on the ship so they pulled out all the stops to try to glean everything they could from the wreckage before leaving it for good.

Hart worked with the engineers and developed an “egg box” that could be dropped onto an egg to capture the egg and its atmosphere easily, while others worked on processing the data. Once they were complete, Hawke suited up and Gale, Hyacinth and Grace hopped into a shuttle with Hawke on top and headed into the hulk. They carefully navigated the tunnel to the end and Hawked climbed out and worked his way to the egg chamber. Hovering over a pair of eggs, he dropped the boxes over them and pulled them up. The blue light suddenly turned amber and a flurry of bug activity erupted. Hawke hurried back to the shuttle, Grace secured the eggs, and with Hawke hanging on the top of the shuttle, firing over his shoulder, Gale sped down the corridor as fast as he safely could.

Outside, Mikki (at the helm of the Hephaestus) backed the ship off as bugs poured from the hole, leaping rock-to-rock, trying to get to the ship while Ivy laid down suppressing fire with lasers. Gale heroically darted the shuttle out the hole while Hawke shot bug after bug. As they burst from the hole, Hawke fired a TacNuc into the hole, the flash and shockwave bumped the shuttle through the field of debris, scattering rocks and bug pieces everywhere. The shuttle docked with the ship and Mikki backed it further away, out of the range of the jumping bugs while Hart secured the eggs in the infirmary.

While they waited, the crew had the idea of setting up a probe on the rear of the ship, pointing back into the verse, that would accept encrypted queries and dump data as it continued to explore and map out the ship. The engineering team worked on this project while Hart and Abigail secured the eggs and began analyzing them. Ivy had the idea that maybe they could dislodge the massive rock on the nose and maybe the ship could heal itself. Willing to give it a try, they navigated back to the nose of the ship, standing off a few km, and Ivy began slicing at the giant rock with the turret lasers. It took a couple of days, slicing off piece after piece and dodging the pieces as they popped free, but eventually the rock that remained was small enough that it could be towed free. Hawke jumped down to the ship, wrapped the tow cable around the rock, and Gale carefully wiggled the shard free. It came loose with a crunching shriek, and the hole filled with sparking plasma. As Hawke was jumping free, 100’s of bugs swarmed up the side of the ship and began working on the hole, many of which were destroyed in the storm of energy around it.

They navigated to the aft end and set up the solar-powered satellite that would continue to gather data and feed it to the mining asteroid base for as long as it could. Then they headed back off into the black, returning to the Frontier, leaving the hulk for the last time.



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