Serenity RPG

Week 79 - Drones

Valis, watch the hulk, we'll be right back.

Hovering off the nose of the ship, Hawke dropped down to the surface and crawled among the Oort debris. Knifed into the nose of the ship was a massive shard of stellar debris, sticking out 150m, 70m across, and weighing an inestimable amount of gigatons. At the point where the hull was split, Hawke ccould see blue trinket material, sparking plasma and fire, and giving off a tremendous amount of EM. Valis brought a drone over to investigate down into the crevasse but it was fried the moment it entered. Hawke and the drones continued to explore the nose while everyone else remained on board and analyzed the data.

Grace and Mikki, scanning the field, found a “small” (300 tons) piece of the stellar material floating in the field and pulled it into the hold for investigation and research later. If nothing else, it would be valuable for its academic properties to the science community. They also collected samples of ice and Oort material from the nose as well.

Back on the ship, the crew had a meeting to determine next steps. Given they had to fly out from the Border, they were limited on their fuel, and only had a few more days before they would have to fly to the Frontier and fuel up before they could come back. After a lot of discussion, it was agreed upon that they would try to re-fire the fusion plant on one of the Reaver ships and leave a Valis remote system behind to map out the ship while they were gone.

They flew back down the ship and carefully pushed back into the field near the hold. Ivy manned the guns while the engineers took a shuttle over to the ship. Hawke stood guard while they worked quickly and quietly to bring the fusion plant back online and Brian set up the electronics and wireless systems to allow Valis to control her drones. The idea was for her to stock an inventory of drones here, fly them in, record the data here, fly them back, recharge them, and repeat. It was expected that they’d lose drones, but this was the safest way to explore and the best use of their time while they travelled to get fuel and supplies.

With the plant online, Valis programmed the drones and the remote system and the drones began their work. The Hephaestus and the Calypso turned Frontier-ward to get fuel, discussing how they were going to handle any inspection with all of the contraband (powered armor, cosmic material) they had on board.



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