Serenity RPG

Week 78 - Hulk Redux

It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

Not wasting any time, the two ships headed off into the black, steering for where they believed it they would intercept its track. In the sixteen day journey, shuttles went back and forth between the two vessels, bringing folks from one ship or another while they shared meals and company. Conner spent a great deal of time with the Captain, and Hawke and Al provided training sessions in Zero G, Martial Arts, Vacc Suit operations, etc. Most everyone participated, Ivy more enthusiastically than most.

About halfway through, the Captain called a “family” meeting, adding Al, Hawke, and Conner to the group in the (still barren) lounge. Together they hammered out a plan of action once they got to the ship. Priority one was the survey the external surface, map it out, in as much detail as possible. Splitting the duty between the ships, they didn’t expect this to take a lot of time. The next priority was to attempt to determine its purpose, why it was in the system, on this course. Lastly, with the help of Valis, attempt to communicate with the ship, in some form or another. The engineering team had taken several crybabies and converted them to camera drones, complete with thrusters and sensor links, allowing Valis to drive them remotely.

Around two weeks out, Ivy began getting headaches, gave Gale a slight course correction, and put on her hat. A few days later they ran across the trailing debris and found the hulk, about where they expected it to be. The two ships then began their slow, careful mapping of the external features of the vessel. (Given the amount of information regarding the vessel, all of this information has been moved to the wiki on the hulk, The Space Hulk), which took just over a day and a half.

Moving back to the hole in the side, the ships stood off at 1km and Valis sent in her mobile units. She dropped a wireless hub at the entrance, and spread them around inside the ship as the drones moved in and out, mapping the environment. One thing they found was a very large shard of stellar material inside the hydroponics area, likely what punched through the hull and destroyed the chamber. Hawke jumped from the ship to the hulk and moved around inside, scouting out the chamber as the drones continued mapping when bugs appeared. He jumped back to the ship and Ivy used the turrets to pop the bugs as they jumped rock to rock, trying to reach the Hephaestus. They backed the ship off, out of the field, and the bugs returned to the ship.

Deciding to let the bugs cool down, they headed back to the nose of the ship to explore that area in more detail.



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